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A futuristic football game that leverages digital assets. 

Cyball is a football-themed title where players can collect the players as NFTs and form a team to play against other teams in the game. 

The Cyball ecosystem will allow the players to not only collect players, but they can also trade the players as NFTs or mentor them within the ecosystem. The players in the game are called Cyblocks. 

cyball marketplace A futuristic football game that leverages digital assets. 
Cyball NFT Football Game to Launch on Solana 4

Previously, it was made public that the game will be launched on BNB Chain – which it will – but as they are ready to develop a multi-chain environment for the game, they will immediately launch on Solana. (SOL)

In the game, the players use different strategies to win against others and get exciting rewards. Wouldn’t it be exciting to know who scored the most goals?

The focus of attention is Cyblocks. We, as players, can train our Cyblocks so that they can compete and win in different game modes. Another exciting thing is that Cyblocks can mentor or train the new Cyblocks as well, just like real-life football. 

Cyball – Game Modes

PvP – Exhibition

The digital players in the game, Cyblocks, compete with other players in PvP matches. In Exhibition PvP mode, there isn’t much competition going on as the players will casually play and win rewards, thanks to the game’s P2E mechanics.

The matchmaking is also optimized so that a player with an average rating will play against the player of his tier. 

There are Two Types of Exhibition Matches:

Phase 1 (Exhibition 3 vs. 3)

  • 6 key events
  • Shorter match duration and lower rewards
  • 3 CyBlocs per user
  • Costs 3 energy per match

Phase 2 (Exhibition 5 vs. 5)

  • Costs 5 energy per match
  • 5 CyBlocs per user
  • 10 key events
cyball game A futuristic football game that leverages digital assets. 
Cyball NFT Football Game to Launch on Solana 5


As in real football leagues, this one is no different. The players play against each other to reach the top and stay there – to win the league ofc.

As the season starts, the players have to register their team with at least 7 Cyblocks – 5 starting players and 2 subs. As the season continues, you can’t change this lineup. 

League (Phase 2)

  • 7 CyBlocs per user — 5 Starting and 2 Substitutes
  • Higher rewards than Exhibition mode
  • 10 key events
  • Scheduled matches that cost no energy
  • Runs season by season


As is Champions League Football, only the best teams from their perspective leagues are allowed to participate in the prestigious event – the tournament. 

In Cyball, only the teams invited by the tournament official are allowed to participate. Just like in leagues, the players register a team of 7 total Cyblocks and join the competition. 

If they win the tournament, all team members (Cyblocks) will hold a championship trophy that will stay with their profile forever. 

Tournament Mode (Phase 2)

  • 7 CyBlocs per user — 5 Starting and 2 Substitutes
  • Scheduled matches that cost no energy
  • 10 key events
  • Highest rewards with potential sponsorships from external partners

PvE – Training Mode

Without using any energy, you can train and upgrade your players in training mode. This way, you can level up your Cyblocks faster than ever.

Well, the Cyblocks will NOT earn any P2E rewards in training mode.

PvE (3 vs. 3 Battle Stadium)

This mode will feature computer-generated matches for the players to compete and have fun. 

Training 3 v 3 (Phase 2)

  • 3 user-owned CyBlocs versus 3 computer-generated CyBlocs
  • Costs 0 energy
  • 6 key events
cyball roadmap A futuristic football game that leverages digital assets. 
Cyball NFT Football Game to Launch on Solana 6


Currently, the CBT (Cyblock Battery Tokens) supply is not fixed. What we do know is that the token is based on ERC-20 and BEP-20. As the token is the ecosystem’s primary token of transactions, you must need a way to earn these. Thanks to the game’s Play-to-Earn mechanism, these are the ways you can earn $CBT:

  • Compete in Various PvP modes
  • Rewards are earned as we perform various activities for the ecosystem. 
  • Cyloans


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