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What’s up, eGamers, it’s time for the weekly Blockchain Gaming Digest. Every week, we share some of the most important NFT gaming news and other interesting facts.

This week in recap:

Let’s start with the most popular games this week based on on-chain data. (7 Days)

The Big Ronin Bridge Hack.

Ronin Sidechain Hacked

When it was made public, the value of the tokens were over $620M which places it as the biggest Web3 Hack ever. At the time of hacking, it was around $500 million.

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OpenSea will Support Solana NFTs.

OpenSea Solana NFTs Integration

Great day right? Good news for the NFT community as NFTs of Solana Layer 1 will make it to the world’s most popular NFT Marketplace.

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DOLZ: The Adult Metaverse.

DOLZ Metaverse - Adult Metaverse XXX Project

Did we find a gem or not? Hot 3D Model NFTs with 40-minute long videos included, DeFi NFTs and Crypto. What else do you need?

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VulcanVerse is Getting Ready For More Realistic Graphics.

VulcanVerse new graphics

The new rendering Pipeline will bring better and more realistic graphics to the popular Metaverse & MMORPG game by Vulcan Forged.

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Blockchain Brawlers by WAX Gaming Studio is live!

Blockchain Brawlers Game

The first-ever official game by Wax Gaming Studio is here. Enjoy a brawler style game with Toy wrestler figures.

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Wrejects 1st NFT Drop.

Wrejects Polygon

The upcoming game Wrejects has released their first NFT series.

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More News This Week:

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