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Originally planned to be launched on March 31st, Axie Infinity: Origin has shifted the launch date by one week amid the security breach on Ronin Bridge. They’ve decided to give more time to the security team to identify the implications of the attack

They say that the game was ready to launch today, but the security breach forced them to delay the soft release. Now, the focus is solely on the following week’s launch. 

While the community awaits the launch, they’re dropping leaks and engaging with the members that can’t wait for the game to finally be playable. 

With each passing day of the launching week, they will share something new with the fans.

Axie Infinity Origin Update: Over 100k views in less than a day.

Axie Infinity: Origin’s first-ever official gameplay trailer took over yesterday when they showed off the upgraded animations and art in the game. The trailer showed off the following upgrades:

  • Runes and Charms
  • Energy Resets
  • Eye and Ear Cards
  • Brand New Rage Mechanics
  • Sequential Runs

Runes and Charms to be shared over the next week

Amid the delay in the launch, they’ll be sharing new Runes and Charms with the community. They have a social media contest going on in which you can participate and win a chance to make the final announcements.

How to join the Origin Launch Contest?

You can participate in the contest in the following ways:

Design a Custom Origin Card

They’ll provide you with a black card, and you’ll use your creativity to design that card into a meme, come with a new ability, enhance an existing ability uniquely. It’ll all be up to you.

Axie Cosplay

You can design your own unique cosplay even if you don’t have any cosplay experience. What they’re looking for is creativity and passion. 

Arco Beast Lore

They want you to write an Origin Story on the Arco Beast. You can start a Twitter thread, tag them and write a detailed origin story on this infamous beast. 

To enter the contest, you can post your creative content on Twitter by using the hashtag #OriginLauch. 

“Who will be the judge?” you may ask. The Sky Mavis Team will judge all the entries and pick the winners. Based on the quality and originality of the content, they’ll pick the winners, one of which will be a lucky one. Why is that? Well, they’ll leek Runes and Charms on Wednesday, April 6!

The Whole Launch Week: Schedule

The Origin launch contest will begin on the 31st of March. Only the entries submitted by April 5 will be entertained as the submission deadline is April 5. 

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