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Axie Infinity: Origin is a new game launched by Axie Infinity. It is an NFT-based metaverse game where players can trade, collect, and battle with Axies. Axies are digital pets that can be owned as NFTs. 

The new battle version of the game has completely new and improved mechanics, narratives, special effects, and a new interface. 

Axie Infinity: Origin was released on April 17, 2022, via Mavis Hub. This is the latest game released in the Axie Infinity universe. You can download the game now and play it for FREE.

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Axies: The Feisty Creatures

In the Axie Infinity universe, Axies are playable characters that fight, hunt for treasure, and like to build things. These tiny pets can be collected as NFTs and do many things in the ever-growing universe of the game. 

You can also use Axies for breeding new creatures in the game. (7 offspring an Axie is the limit)

Based on their body type, Axies are categorized into nine different classes

  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Dawn 
  • Plant
  • Reptile
  • Mech
  • Dusk
  • Bug
  • Aquatic

Axies, Body Parts, and Cards

Based on their body parts, you can use different types of cards in battle. How many body parts? Well, six. Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Horn, Back, and Tail. 

These body parts will determine what kind of card you can use in battle.

Axies: Types

In Version 3.0, you can find two types of Axies. The first type is Starter Axies, while the other is Personal Axies

Let’s talk about them in detail.

Starter Axies

Starter Axies are free Axies you get when you first play the game. The free Non-NFT Starter Axies will let you play the game for free. The Starter Axies are called Buba, Olek, and Puffy.

Axie Infinity is based on NFTs, but they offer Starter Axies that aren’t NFTs to allow new players to explore the game mods – Adventure & Arena Modefor free

Personal Axies

You can own Personal Axies as NFTs. You can use these in-game NFTs to earn rewards such as Tokens. In this case, you make $SLP

Not only do you own Personal Axies, but you can also breed your axies that can be traded and sold in the NFT marketplace. 

Axie Power-Ups: A Brand New Feature

In the V3.0 update, Axie Infinity has introduced a new mechanism that lets you skill up your axies using Runes and Charms

You can get Runes and Charms by participating in special events and crafting. 

Runes activate special abilities such as special effects in the game. These effects are automatically activated in the game. Each Axie can have one Rune equipped.

Charms, on the other hand, upscale the abilities of axies. Axies get their abilitiesfrom cards, and charms enhance them. What charms you can equip on an Axie is determined by their Potential Points.

The body type and body portions of an Axie impact its potential points. An Axie earns additional Potential Points of that type if it has three or more bodies.

Game Modes

You know at this point that Axie Infinity: Origin is a game where you can battle your axies with others while using different cards to enhance your playable characters’ abilities. But how many game modes are there? 

In the V 3.0 update, there are two game modes. Adventure and Arena Mode. 

  • The game mechanics stay the same for both the game modes
  • At least 3 Personal Axies are required to participate in both the game modes. 
  • You play with different players in these modes, meaning the two methods have different players awaiting you for battle. 

Arena Mode

In Arena Mode, you battle with other players in real time with your axies against theirs. Simply, you can call it a Player-Versus-Player (PVP) mode of Axie Infinity: Origin. 

The Arena Mode is further divided into three categories. The first one is Practice Mode where you can battle the opponents without losing or gaining any points or perks; the purpose is merely practice. 

In Ranked Mode, you battle with other players to gain points that will rank you up on the leaderboard. The higher your rank is, the more you earn $SLP.

Now that the V3.0 update is live, Tournament Mode is live as well. 

Adventure Mode

As the name suggests, adventure mode lets the players explore the game’s endless universe and its incredible storyline. This mode has a number of chapters comprising small and sometimes big stages. 

As you keep completing the levels and progress in the game, you keep unlocking the features that let you customize your axies. Most of these features are unlocked milestone by milestone.  Some of these customization options include Foraging – You can craft Moon Shards with foraging.

Axie Infinity: Origins & Its Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Till now, you’ve only heard that you’d need to buy an in-game asset – Personal Axie – to play in the game which suggests that you’ll have to pay to play. 

You can earn while you play and enjoy your battles and achievements thanks to its play-to-earn mechanics and blockchain technology.

$AXS is rewarded to top players on the season’s leaderboard. 

The Ranked Mode (in Arena Mode) players earn $SLP. To further understand the mechanics of Ranked Mode and how it affects your earning potential, let’s take a look at Stamina – one of the stats. 

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For every Ranked combat, one stamina is needed. The total number of Axies determines your stamina in your collection. There are a total of 60 stamina points available to you.

How to Calculate Total Stamina: 

Total Stamina = (The Amount of Starter Axies x 0.5) + (Number of Personal Axies x 3)

Ronin Spirit

Ronin Spirit determines how much $SLP you can generate during combat. The amount of Personal Axies defines the Level of Ronin Spirit in your Ranked Mode squad.

Levels of Ronin Spirit

image 22 Axie Infinity: Origin is a new game launched by Axie Infinity. It is an NFT-based metaverse game where players can trade, collect, and battle with Axies. Axies are digital pets that can be owned as NFTs. 
Axie Infinity: Origin Beginners Guide 5

Use the Rewards: $SLP and $AXS

As you progress through the game, you receive Tokens as rewards; $AXS and $SLP. Both these coins are listed on CEXs such as Binance. You can either stake them via Katana DEX, to generate passive income for yourself or cash them out for real money via CEXs. 

If you don’t want to sell them for money, you can do many exciting things in the game, such as crafting and buying a wide variety of costumes for Axies, breeding, and creating new ones. 

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