COMMUNITY HANG ALERT We’re hosting a #FridayThe13th movie night on our Discord … NFT news #nft



We’re hosting a #FridayThe13th movie night on our Discord and you’re invited.
Join us for some scares, chats, games, and a chance to win some HP merch!

????: Friday, May 13th,
???? Event Location:

Twitter from Dr. Paulo Morocho by Human Park

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Written by Dr. Paulo César Morocho Escandón

CEO Global Sports Association AG Deportes, United States
Founder and CEO since 2013 of the Allmedgroup Corporation
Business strategy leader, CEO, CFO of multiple companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America. ". Which include companies from the crypto world such as Beorus Corp, specialized digital newspapers such as Crypto World Alerts, NFT Review Market and Crypto Sport Gaming.


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