NFT REVIEW Upcoming Drops: July 10-16

Let’s face it: The NFT space moves really fast. Considering how quickly things can change in the metaverse, a week in NFTs might as well be a month IRL.

Don’t get us wrong — the more people onboarded into the space, the merrier. But because of the constant influx of great art and ideas, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the news, launches, and general happenings.

Well, you can put the days of endless Twitter and Discord scrolling behind you as we pull together a weekly list of upcoming NFT drops you definitely don’t want to miss. Here’s what to look out for this week.


Who: Pauline Herr

What: Limited edition music NFT

When: July 10 at 3:30 p.m. ET


Why: For her first drop of 2023, producer, singer, and DJ Pauline Herr is set to return to to unveil a music NFT release for her new track, entitled Lightyears. Billed as an “emotional anthem about finding your person,” the song comes as Herr’s fifth release on the Sound platform.

Parallel Avatars

Credit: Parallel

Who: Parallel

What: 11,001 PFPs

When: July 11 at 5 p.m. ET

Where: OpenSea

Why: Parallel Avatars is a new, large-scale PFP project from the sci-fi world and card game known as Parallel. In the expanding Parallel Universe, Avatars are said to serve as the “gateway to new experiences” and as representatives not only in the Parallel trading card game but in other upcoming online activations and explorations as well.

Transcendental Dreams

Credit: Tù.úk’z

Who: Tù.úk’z

What: Auction and limited edition

When: July 12 at 12 p.m. ET

Where: MakersPlace

Why: Transcendental Dreams from Sotheby’s-sold multidisciplinary artist Tù.úk’z is billed as an immersive experiential journey characterized by vibrant, psychedelic colors. Touching on themes of enlightenment and self-discovery, the diptych features a duality of visuals representative of “ethereal landscapes and extraordinary beings.”


Who: Harvmcm

What: 122 1/1 collectibles

When: July 12 at 4 p.m. ET

Where: OpenSea

Why: Blockheads is the latest installment in the “World of Blocks” series created by Scottish artist and collector Harvey (best known as Harvmcm). As Harvmcm’s genesis collection on Polygon, Blockheads follows the distinctive style of its Ethereum companion, presenting floating PFP heads that are full of emotion and character.

In Between

Who: Adi Spiegelman and Audio Galleries

What: Open edition

When: July 13 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Where: OpenSea

Why: In Between, created by Adi Spiegelman and presented by Audio Galleries presents, is the fourth artist edition released in partnership with TimePieces. The unique edition collection is inspired by the dissociation and PTSD-triggered Borderline Personality Disorder Spiegelman suffers from, of which she uses painting as a healing process.

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