NFT REVIEW Unlock The Potential Of Gaming With Beam On The Avalanche Network

Beam is a gaming-focused subnet built on the Avalanche Network, providing a fast and secure platform for developing and deploying games. In the rapidly growing Web3 gaming landscape, Beam stands out for its unique approach to transforming gaming experiences.

Why Beam Matters

With the rise of blockchain technology, the gaming industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional gaming models are being challenged by decentralized alternatives that offer players true ownership of their in-game assets and provide game developers with new revenue streams.

Beam’s focus on gaming makes it an integral part of this evolving landscape, offering a decentralized solution that caters to the needs of both gamers and developers alike.

Key Features of Beam

Beam uses subnets on the Avalanche Network for fast transactions, secure gaming, and scalability. This makes it perfect for real-time games with high transaction volumes.

Beam’s low transaction fees make it cost-effective for players and developers. The in-game asset management tools streamline creating and managing in-game assets on the blockchain.

Beam also takes pride in its strict vetting process for partners, ensuring a high level of trust and security within the ecosystem.

Technical Underpinnings

At the core of Beam’s operations is its unique Proof of Authority (PoA) system, using the Snowman protocol. This consensus mechanism provides fast and efficient block finality, making Beam one of the fastest and most reliable subnets on Avalanche.

The native token of Beam, known as BEAM, powers the entire ecosystem. It is used for transaction fees, staking, and participating in governance decisions.

Beam’s interoperability with other Avalanche subnets and even external blockchains adds to its versatility and opens up opportunities for cross-chain gaming experiences.

Use Cases

Beam is an ideal platform for a range of games, including RPGs, strategy games, and card games. The low transaction fees and fast transactions make it perfect for real-time gameplay and trading of in-game assets.

Moreover, Beam’s focus on asset ownership facilitates the creation of unique game experiences where players truly own their virtual possessions. This can be extended to virtual worlds or interconnected gaming experiences, creating a new level of immersion for players.


Beam has already gained significant traction in the gaming industry, with notable game studios and projects building on the platform. Some notable examples include Decentraland and Skyweaver.

The project also boasts reputable investors, including Hashed Ventures. The growing community of developers and gamers further strengthens the ecosystem, creating a vibrant hub for all things gaming on the Avalanche Network.


Beam’s unique value proposition lies in its focus on providing a fast, secure, and cost-effective platform for game development and gameplay. By leveraging the power of subnets on Avalanche, Beam offers unparalleled speed and scalability while maintaining a strong emphasis on trust and security.

With its growing ecosystem and innovative approach to gaming on the blockchain, Beam is poised to make a significant impact in the Web3 gaming landscape. Whether you’re a gamer looking for true ownership of your in-game assets or a developer searching for a robust platform for game development, Beam has something to offer for everyone. 

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