NFT REVIEW Unioverse Prepares for Final Forge Showdown

The Unioverse Proving Grounds Tournament, organized in partnership with, is nearing its conclusion, with the final event scheduled for June 21st. This event has received big interest within the gaming community, offering a prize pool of $5,000 in USDT and various other rewards for the game’s fastest runs.

Unioverse and The Proving Grounds

Unioverse, a Web3 gaming platform, offers players and creators shared ownership of assets within a science fiction universe. The Proving Grounds, an alpha third-person shooter and level builder, is the first game to showcase this interoperable Unioverse Game Content.

Through blockchain technology and community-driven development, Unioverse aims to promote greater player involvement, allowing asset interoperability across various games in its ecosystem. The Unioverse Proving Grounds is free-to-play and available to download on Elixir Launcher.

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Qualifier Stage: Battling for the Top 50

The third-person shooter speedrun mode in The Proving Grounds lets players race through levels, aiming to achieve the fastest time.

The tournament began on May 29th, 2024, with a two-week qualifier stage. Players from around the globe could join for free, aiming to secure a spot in the next round with their best scores. 

Qualifier prizes included tournament badges for the top 50 players, 25,000 Protens for 20 random players, and 50,000 Protens for five random players. Additionally, one random player who recorded their qualifier run will win $1,000 USDT. Winners of these prizes will be revealed in the Final.

By June 12th, 50 players had risen to the top, and over 14,000 games were played within 48 hours, highlighting the ultra-competitive nature of the event.

Elimination Round: From 50 to 5

The elimination round began on June 12th, when a new level was introduced. Qualified players were given 48 hours to set their best times on the map, all to determine the top 5 finalists. The elimination round prizes included 50,000 Protens for the top 25 players, $300 USDT for the top 10, and a special Finalist metadata career attribute for the top 5.

The Final Forge Showdown

The anticipated Final Forge Showdown will take place on June 21st at 5 pm EST, where the top five contenders will go head-to-head. Each finalist will have only three chances to showcase their best score. Fans can catch all the action by tuning in to live coverage on Twitch and Unioverse’s social media channels.

Gamer Tags used in the finals will receive an additional 25 levels of Fame, and the winner of the finals will receive $1,000 USDT, a Champion metadata career attribute. Additionally, one random finalist will win a Legendary Hero NFT.

With the final just around the corner, all eyes are on the five finalists as they prepare for the ultimate showdown.

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