NFT REVIEW Trader Exploits Bot, Earns $1.5 Million Profit

A significant event took place on the NFT marketplace Blur, capturing the attention of the crypto community. Trader Hanwe Chang managed to outsmart a bot competitor, resulting in an impressive profit of 800 Ethereum, equivalent to nearly $1.5 million. This clever maneuver by Chang has raised questions about the ethical implications and the potential impact on the NFT space.

Hanwe Chang revealed his strategic feat on Twitter, detailing how he noticed a bot mimicking his bids on the Blur platform. Instead of trying to outbid the bot, he devised a clever plan to deceive it. 

Chang capitalized when 12 Azuki NFTs with the “Off White A” background were sold for 50 Ethereum each, significantly higher than their previous sale price of less than 5 Ethereum for a similar NFT. He accumulated these specific NFTs in a digital wallet and then transferred the profits to another wallet named “hanwe.eth.”

Legal and Ethical Debates

Hanwe Chang’s clever strategy on Blur has sparked discussions about the ethical implications and potential legal boundaries in the NFT ecosystem. While some view Chang’s tactics as a shrewd maneuver within the decentralized and competitive nature of NFT trading, others question the fairness and ethics of exploiting a bot competitor for personal gain.

The decentralized nature of blockchain and NFTs presents challenges in establishing clear legal boundaries to prevent potential fraudulent activities. As NFTs continue to gain mainstream attention, regulators and industry players are grappling with the need to strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring a fair and secure marketplace for all participants.


In conclusion, the notable event on the NFT marketplace Blur, where trader Hanwe Chang cleverly deceived a bot competitor to earn a significant profit, has generated considerable interest and debate in the NFT space. 

The incident sheds light on the growing prominence of Blur’s gamified incentives and raises questions about the ethical implications and legal considerations surrounding bot manipulation in the dynamic world of NFT trading. As the NFT ecosystem evolves, stakeholders will need to address these challenges to ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for all participants.

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