NFT REVIEW Sensorium Announces First-Ever NFT Drop: Avatars Collection on Polygon

Up-and-coming Web3 developer, Sensorium, has announced its long-awaited NFT collection with the forthcoming drop of the SENSO DAPP NFT collection. 10,000 AI-powered avatars will be up for grabs as part of a multi-stage drop event set to kickoff in July.

Sensorium is also revealing that holders of its in-platform token, SENSO, will be having the opportunity of claiming avatars for free, adding another layer of anticipation for members of its growing SENSO community.

In an announcement, Sensorium has detailed how its first-ever NFT will unfold, emphasizing the benefits of holding a SENSO DAPP avatar for potential buyers as a key gateway into the platform’s growing virtual spaces, collectively known as Sensorium Lab.

The 10,000 NFT collection will be minted on Polygon blockchain and will see a yet-to-be disclosed number of avatars being made available in the first stage. To qualify for the free minting, users will have to hold at least 1500 SENSO tokens on-chain (in a cold wallet) before July 11. More details may be found here.

The drop will allow the SENSO community to unlock perks and benefits that they’ll be able to enjoy across the Sensorium ecosystem.  DAPP avatars will be ranked according to the rarity of their traits – Casual, Exclusive and Premium -, and the company says they have been designed with enhanced utility in mind as buyers can expect to use their NFTs to play the SENSO DAPP card game, or as a unique skin in the VR metaverse.

In addition, DAPP avatars can be used to explore the growing worlds of Sensorium, including Sensorium Arc and the platform’s VR environments. Details are available on the SENSO DAPP website.

Sensorium’s first-ever NFT drop comes on the back of other major Web3 announcements by the developer, including SENSO’s  updated tokenomics, the unveiling of the decentralized platform Sensorium Arc, and the addition of OKX’s former CEO Jay Hao to the company’s Expert Advisory Board.

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