NFT REVIEW Renault RACING SHOE5: A Tribute to Iconic R5 Turbo Models

Celebrating the success of their first genR5 NFT drop, Renault has announced the launch of its second collection – the RACING SHOE5 series.

This new collection showcases a unique fusion of style and technology, paying tribute to the company’s rich history and passionate fans.

Unveiling the RACING SHOE5 Series

The RACING SHOE5 series features 960 limited-edition sneakers, each connected to a “digital twin” NFT in the form of a 3D artwork registered on the blockchain. This NFT grants access to an exclusive meet-up with Renault designers at the company’s Research and Development Center and unlocks a customizable merchandising collection.

The series comprises five custom-designed styles, each inspired by a different iconic R5 turbo model, with a sixth design paying tribute to the R5 Turbo 3E in collaboration with the R3NLT web3 community.

These collector’s edition sneakers boast distinctive design elements from the legendary R5 Turbo lineup. The shoes’ rear slope mirrors the cars’ chassis, the interiors draw inspiration from their upholstery, and even the laces evoke the look of seatbelts.

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NFC Technology

Renault has embedded an NFC chip in the shoe’s tongue to further elevate the technological innovation. Scanning this chip retrieves a second NFT, a “digital passport” containing the shoe’s unique identity card, composition, materials, and production history.

Committed to sustainability, the sneakers are crafted from eco-responsible materials such as LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather. Each pair and its corresponding NFTs will be available for €265. Early access to the RACING SHOE5 collection begins on May 15 for fans and R3NLT web3 community members. Pre-registered customers can access the drop on May 16, with the public sale starting on May 17 through the Renault website.

“The RACING SHOE5 collection gives Renault enthusiasts an innovative new way to engage with their favorite auto company,” the project team explains. They further emphasize that “Renault’s second NFT drop is a unique opportunity for brand fans to get their hands on an exclusive pair of custom-designed sneakers and enjoy an immersive, 3D experience.”

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