NFT REVIEW Pixels’ New Chapter: Transitioning to Ronin

The social browser game Pixels, initially launched on the Polygon blockchain, is gearing up to transition to the Ronin platform developed by Sky Mavis. Pixels has established a strong foothold in the Web3 gaming sector on the Polygon blockchain. According to Ronin, Pixels has recorded over 1.5 million on-chain transactions monthly. Additionally, the game maintains a solid user base. The move aims to propel the game forward on the Ronin blockchain and tap into Axie Infinity’s already massive audience.

The Rise of Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, a recognized entity in the blockchain gaming world, is steering this transition. The firm’s reputation grew exponentially following the launch of Axie Infinity. This game ignited widespread interest in blockchain games back in 2021. Notably, this venture proved highly successful, generating a staggering $1.3 billion in revenue and facilitating over $4 billion in trading volume thus far. The move to Ronin could enhance the gaming experience, leveraging the capabilities of the Mavis hub, Ronin’s dedicated platform for Web3 games.

A Glimpse into the Pixels Universe

Upon entering the Pixels universe, players are greeted with a tutorial guided by a character named Barney. This initiation phase serves to familiarize newcomers with the game’s fundamentals, such as farming, managing avatar energy, and effectively utilizing the items in the backpack. Completing this stage also entitles players to rewards, including 10 $BERRY.

The central hub of activity in Pixels is the vibrant town of Terra Villa. Players can roam around with a randomized avatar or flaunt their integrated NFTs, showcasing an array of appearances ranging from the stout CrypToadz to the elongated forms of Bored Apes. The game encourages players to explore Terra Villa and complete initial quests before securing a plot of Farm Land.

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Diving Deeper: Features and Opportunities in Pixels

Delving further, Pixels extends a series of options for players to acquire Farm Land – a key aspect of the gaming narrative. These options span from earning in-game $BERRY to renting or purchasing from platforms like Opensea. The game presents 5000 unique Farm Land NFTs, each imbued with distinctive traits and offering specific benefits to its owners, including a $PIXELS earning multiplier and unrestricted withdrawal limits.

Beyond the farming module, Pixels offers VIP Memberships, granting members exclusive perks like access to the VIP Lounge and unlimited peer-to-peer trading. This membership further expands a player’s inventory by adding six extra backpack slots, among other features, facilitating a more enriched gaming experience.

Web3 gaming is shaping up to be a game-changer, offering players more power and transparency, fresh ways to make money, and new avenues for creativity. It can be a turning point for the gaming industry. If you are a gamer, a developer, or an investor looking for the next noteworthy shift in the gaming scene, Web3 is the place to watch.

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