NFT REVIEW OpenSea Suspends Trading of EtherFi’s EtherFan Collection

OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, has made the surprising move to suspend the trading of EtherFi’s highly anticipated EtherFan collection.

The decision has left EtherFi and its community confused and frustrated, as the two companies had been working together for weeks leading up to the collection’s deployment. The marketing strategy for the launch heavily relied on secondary market sales and cross-promotion on OpenSea.

The EtherFan collection, which features unique NFTs backed by staked ETH, initially had a successful launch. Within minutes, all 1,000 NFTs were minted, indicating strong demand from the NFT community.

However, within just 24 hours of the collection’s deployment on OpenSea, the team at EtherFi noticed that all their listings had disappeared from the marketplace, without any explanation or prior warning.

EtherFi CEO Expresses Frustration

Mike Silagadze, the CEO of EtherFi, expressed his frustration with OpenSea’s sudden decision to suspend the trading of the EtherFan collection.

Silagadze stated that they had received no indication or communication from OpenSea that their collection was potentially in violation of the platform’s Terms of Service.

He also pointed out that other government agencies, such as the Canada Revenue Agency and Ontario Securities Commission, have explicitly stated that ETH staking is not considered a security.

OpenSea Responds to the Situation

In response to the controversy, OpenSea issued a statement explaining their position. They emphasized that their Terms of Service govern the type of content and behavior that is permissible on their platform.

When they find collections or content that are in violation of their policies, they take necessary actions, including delisting collections and, in some instances, banning accounts.

While OpenSea did not provide specific details regarding the suspension of the EtherFan collection, they emphasized their commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant marketplace for NFT enthusiasts.

EtherFan Finds New Trading Ground

Despite the setback on OpenSea, the EtherFan collection has found a new trading ground on Rarible, another popular NFT marketplace. This has provided some relief for EtherFi and its community, as they can continue their NFT trading activities and engage with the EtherFan collection.

While the exact reasons for the suspension on OpenSea remain unclear, the EtherFi team remains optimistic about the future prospects of their collection and the support they have received from their dedicated community.


The sudden suspension of the EtherFan collection on OpenSea has raised questions about transparency and communication between NFT creators and platforms. The lack of prior warning or explanation has left EtherFi and its community confused and frustrated.

However, the availability of the EtherFan collection on Rarible offers a ray of hope for EtherFi, demonstrating the NFT ecosystem’s resilience and the creators’ ability to adapt to new platforms.

As the NFT market continues to mature, clear communication and collaboration between creators and platforms will be essential for maintaining trust and fostering a thriving NFT community.

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