NFT REVIEW OpenSea Introduces “Get Based” Series

OpenSea has unveiled its latest initiative, the “Get Based” series. The series aims to spotlight artists creating on Coinbase’s Base network, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution.

The “Get Based” series will showcase the works of up to 15 artists throughout the summer. The first drop in the series will feature a reimagined artwork of the iconic “Endless Summer” film by Carty Sewill, who is not only an artist but also an employee at OpenSea. 

Weekly drops will be made available on OpenSea’s website and Farcaster, a social media protocol. These drops will offer open edition NFTs at $5 or less, with some even being free.

Confirmed artists participating in the “Get Based” series include Jhekub, the creator of RGB Punks; Hun, the creator of “Primitives,”; Cryptic Poet, a meme artist; Yiying Lu, the creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale,”; Subwway, an illustrator, and Thank You Base God, who recently conducted a successful free Base NFT mint on OpenSea, resulting in over 181,000 total mints.

Focus on Coinbase’s Base Network

In recent months, OpenSea has been increasingly emphasizing its focus on Coinbase’s Base network. Unlike popular layer-1 chains such as Ethereum mainnet or Solana, Base represents an emerging chain that is still building high-value collections. 

By featuring these artists and promoting their work on the Ethereum L2 network, OpenSea aims to familiarize collectors with the Base network and support artists within this ecosystem. 

OpenSea enables the bridging of assets to Base, and users can make purchases using fiat currency and credit cards through a MoonPay integration.

The “Get Based” series will coincide with Base’s “On-Chain Summer II” promotion, beginning on June 3. With over 600 ETH (approximately $2.3 million) in prizes, incentives, and gas credits on offer across various projects and protocols, this promotion aims to further drive engagement within the Base network. 

By creating accessible entry points for collectors and highlighting talented artists, OpenSea’s “Get Based” series seeks to foster broader expansion and growth within the Base network, contributing to the overall development of the Web3 and NFT ecosystem.

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