NFT REVIEW OKX and Man City Launch ‘Unseen City Shirts’ NFTs

OKX and Man City, last year’s treble winners, are launching the ‘Unseen City Shirts’ campaign, featuring redesigned commemorative football shirts available for minting as NFTs. This unique project allows fans worldwide to collect digital versions of ‘Unseen’ football shirts through the OKX app, with the chance to redeem them for exclusive prizes.

A New Way to Engage Fans

The first shirt in the collection, ‘The Roses and the Bees,’ pays tribute to Manchester’s famous symbols, the Lancashire Rose and the Manchester Worker Bee. This digital collectible, designed by artist Christian Jeffery, is just one of two distinct designs that will be available to fans.

Fans have until April 25 to mint their ‘Unseen City Shirts’ via the OKX Web3 Marketplace within the app. Each shirt is randomly assigned a rarity level—Classic, Rare, or Ultra Rare—to determine what type of rewards fans can win. 

Fans with an Ultra Rare collectible may receive a play-on-pitch experience, general admission tickets to a Manchester City match, and a limited-edition physical version of the shirt. Rare collectibles offer a stadium tour, hospitality ticket, and their own limited-edition shirt. Classic collectibles are more widely available but do not come with additional rewards.

OKX will release a second shirt with a new design on April 29, providing fans with further engagement opportunities and unique rewards.

The Future of Web3 and Fan Interaction

Nuria Tarré, City Football Group’s Chief Marketing & Fan Experience Officer, highlights the strategic significance of Web3 and the metaverse in the club’s fan engagement efforts. 

“The metaverse and Web3 are part of our innovative technology strategy and provide an exciting opportunity as we continue to offer touchpoints for fans in this emerging space, with digital collectible drops and metaverse-based experiences launched in recent years by the club,” Tarré stated.

This approach aims to deepen fan engagement through new digital avenues, ensuring fans have unique ways to connect with the club. With these initiatives, OKX and Manchester City are welcoming new standards for fan engagement, blending football with Web3 technology to offer a different kind of fan experience.

The ‘Unseen City Shirts’ campaign is just one example of the growing trend of NFTs in the sports industry. It allows fans to collect digital versions of iconic shirts and potentially win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and tangible items.

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