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The highly anticipated Azuki Elementals mint is happening in less than 24 hours on June 27. The news about the new 20,000-strong PFP collection was made public on June 23 at Azuki’s “Follow the Rabbit” event in Vegas.

During the Vegas event, Azuki holders were airdropped a locked Elemental that will be revealed after the sale. Additionally, all Azuki and Beanz holders were airdropped a Soulbound Token (SBT) called an “Elemental Chip” to commemorate the event.

Here are some common questions and answers to ensure you have all the necessary information to navigate this exciting release.

How will the 20,000 PFPs be allocated?

10,000 Elementals (half of the supply) have already been airdropped to Azuki holders as unrevealed Elementals. That means the remaining 10,000 will be available to mint on June 27.

What’s the mint structure?

Azuki Elementals will go on sale on Tuesday, June 27, starting at 9:00 am PT. Azuki and Beanz token holders will have presale access starting at 9:00 am PT (for Azuki holders) and 9:10 am PT (for Beanz holders). The opening of the public sale will begin at 9:20 am PT.

The public auction will follow a Dutch auction model and will kick off at a price point of 2 ETH. The price will gradually decline by 0.1 ETH every five minutes until all 10,000 Elementals are sold in the public auction.

Minters must deposit 2 ETH before minting and will be refunded the difference if minted below 2 ETH. During the presale phases 1 and 2, Azuki and BEANZ holders can mint 1 Elemental per Azuki or BEANZ owned with no limit. However, the limit is three Elementals per wallet for public sale.

Do I need the Elemental Chip to mint?

No. The Elemental Chip SBT was airdropped to Azuki and Beanz holders who attended the Vegas event, but it is not necessary to mint Elementals. As long as you are an Azuki or Beanz holder, you will be eligible for the presale.

Is it possible that Elementals won’t reach public sale?

It’s highly possible that Elementals will not reach the public sale. Many are speculating that it will sell out by Phase 2, as there are more Beanz holders than there are Elementals available. However, it’s impossible to predict at this time.

Do I have to be in Phase One to pull a rare?

No. During both the presale and public sale phases, four different levels of Elementals will be handed out randomly. Those in higher levels have a better chance of gaining rare characteristics, but there’s a possibility for an extremely rare Elemental, a grail Elemental, to emerge from any level.

Can I mint from an alternative wallet?

Yes. For those who have their wallet in cold storage, this is a custom solution for holders looking to mint from an alternative wallet other than the one holding your Azuki or Beanz tokens. Register for it here.

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