NFT REVIEW NEWS What to Know About Ether, the Mysterious NFT Project Two Years in the Making

After two years of work in progress, the Ether project is finally coming to fruition, captivating Web3 with its long-awaited debut.

Ether has officially begun its first phase of minting. However, the June 30 mint is available to allowlist holders only. While the PFPs have not been unveiled yet, enthusiasts eagerly await the public sale, which is set to go live in just a week.

Mint information

The public sale offers each NFT at a price of 0.65 ETH. However, for those lucky enough to be on the allowlist, the mint price is set at 0.35 ETH, or free with a 10-week lockup period.

The breakdown of the supply is 10,000 NFTs: 8,000 for public allocation, 1,750 for allowlist allocation, and 250 treasury held.

The funds raised from the minting process will be utilized to expand the Ether team and bring their visionary ideas to life. Seventy percent to will go into the project’s treasury. Out of this, 20 percent will be dedicated to operating the team, ensuring smooth operations and continued growth, while another 10 percent will be donated to charitable causes.

Ether PFP
Credit: Ether

While the team behind Ether has chosen to remain undoxxed for now, some information about the founders has been revealed. The artist and founder, visionofviii, has already established a substantial following in the digital art realm, with experience with renowned brands such as Sony, Nike, and Epic Games. The other co-founder, CV (CValley), is a top trader who first joined the team as an advisor.

Ether’s mission

The overarching goal of Ether is to position itself as a luxury brand that leverages storytelling to create a captivating and immersive experience for collectors in the anime, fashion, and music realms. Ether offers 10,000 unique collectibles, divided evenly between 5,000 men and 5,000 women characters. These collectibles encompass diverse themes, including 50 percent human, 30 percent mecha, 19 percent vampire, and a rare 0.95 percent corrupt character archetype. Moreover, the collection boasts five one-of-a-kind 1/1 characters and over 500 distinctive traits, providing collectors with a wide array of customization options and unique combinations.

Now, the focus shifts to how it will perform and how the market will respond as Ether aims to solidify its position as a prominent player in the realm of digital luxury brands.

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