NFT REVIEW NEWS Warner Bros. Unmasks ‘The Flash’ NFTs in Tandem with the Movie

Redefining film distribution, Warner Bros. has disclosed intentions to fly high by bringing the highly anticipated DC Comics superhero film ‘The Flash’ into the NFT realm.

Debuting concurrently alongside the movie on July 18, the Flash NFTs will be acquirable on the Eluvio blockchain service, with payment options in cryptocurrency and fiat, attracting both Web3 and mainstream audiences. 

Hidden Powers of ‘The Flash’ NFTs

‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience’ follows Warner Bros. previous NFT drops of, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)’ and the ‘Superman Web3 Movie Experience’. Owners of these non-fungible collectibles, DC3 tokens, and DC Bat Cowl NFTs will have early access to the Flash movie sale.

Once gaining access, two NFT categories will be available, each paired with a coincided key that opens an art piece based on a movie character that differs in scarcity:

    • The ‘Mystery’ edition: 10,000 of these NFTs will be available, priced at $35 apiece, offering four keys to artworks showcasing Batman, Prime Barry, Young Barry or Supergirl, disclosed following the purchase. 
    • The ‘Premium’ edition: As the more exclusive option, with only 2,000 available copies costing $100 each, this edition includes one of two motion-based artworks featuring The Flash, Batman, and Supergirl on four interactive menu interfaces. Each owner of one of these premium NFTs will also receive a voucher for the DC NFT marketplace, a DC3 Super Power Pack NFT, and randomly selected digital comics, with some rarer than others. 

Alongside the above perks, all NFT holders can immerse themselves in the movie in exceptional 4K Ultra HD quality. The digital assets can also be resold on the WB Movieverse from August 1.

By merging NFTs with conventional movie distribution practices, enticing avenues for fan engagement are being opened. Effectively ushering in a new era of cinematic experiences by one of the largest entertainment companies in the industry. 

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