NFT REVIEW NEWS Warner Bros Superman NFT Movie Experience

As tangible disc sales continue to dwindle, Warner Bros (WB) is on a mission to soar to greater heights through its advanced NFT marketing strategy. The entertainment hub’s latest move is the ‘Superman Web3 Movie Experience’ — an NFT initiative opening undercover scenes, DC art and more. Previous buyers of WB NFTs can get a head start into the superhero race with early access on June 8, a day before the full debut on June 9. 

Intergalactic hero supporters can purchase a ‘Standard Edition’ of the ‘Superman Web3 Movie Experience’ for just $30 or go complete superhero with a Premium Edition bundle for $100 apiece. The Standard Edition opens a theatrical version of the much-loved movie alongside previously launched special features and an image gallery. However, those willing to fork out bigger bucks can own three unique variations of the Superman film, boasting illustrations by elite DC artists, alongside additional extra features, and elaborated image galleries. All collectors of the Web3 movie experience will also receive a complimentary voucher for the DC3 Power Pack from the DC NFT Marketplace.

Powering Super Alliances 

Joining forces with the content blockchain technology provider, Eluvio to create the ‘WB Movieverse’, customers can easily trade, sell, and quickly acquire WB NFTs. Eluvio’s state-of-the-art blockchain technology offers superior productivity over traditional content and streaming systems, reducing network storage, usage requirements, and using an eco-conscious ‘proof-of-authority’ consensus to avoid the high energy consumption often associated with blockchain networks. 

During the purchasing stage, collectors can either part with real-world cash or use their cryptocurrency stash to buy a Superman bundle by creating an Eluvio NFT media wallet. The digital safe lets collectors view and stream all types of limited-edition content hassle-free, opening up the Superman Web3 Movie Experience and more to novices and experts alike. 

Following the above advantages, the ‘WB Movieverse’ had a flying start when swooping into the Web3 scene with its ever-so-successful ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring‘ NFT edition, generating quick revenue and fostering a solid fan community wanting long-term profitability. Other successful WB NFT collectibles include Looney TunesDC Comics, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and more. 

The WB Movieverse is now set to take the superhero world to higher peaks, leading the way into an exciting future that blends cutting-edge blockchain technology with treasured cinematic content. 

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