NFT REVIEW NEWS WAGMI Games’ Adventure Unfolds via OpenSea Founder’s Packs

Hot off release, on-chain entertainment powerhouse, WAGMI Games, has just launched its highly-anticipated Founder’s Pack NFTs on OpenSea, interactive in its first-ever mobile game, WAGMI Defense.

In a diplomatic collaboration with the iconic art studio Gadget-Bot — notably reputable for its role in Jurassic World, Transformers 4, Call of Duty and Apex Legends — WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs consist of 10,000 exquisitely designed NFTs, each revealing a distinct, narrative-driven character playable in the engaging defense games.

Once players unveil their cards, they can level up their in-game characters. However, upon opening Founder’s Packs, these NFTs will be wiped out on OpenSea and only exchangeable on Layer 2 marketplaces like Rarible and Immutable, making the initial batch of digital collectibles increasingly scarce.

Those lucky to obtain and reveal a Founder’s Pack, irrespective of the path, will gain beta access to WAGMI Defense ahead of its international release.

Additionally, breathing new life into card reveals, Founder’s Packs merge facets of Rare, Epic and Legendary card categories. For optimal gaming experiences, players are advised to collect all 32 card types. Although, the latter virtual assets are the ones to watch out for.

WAGMI Defense’s Novel Offering

WAGMI Defense sets a new standard for tower defense games. It consists of a captivating and diverse arsenal of spells, troops, spells, and air units — each of which demands strategic mastery. Through thrilling 3-minute matches, players can skillfully wipe out their opponents’ towers, picking from Human or Alien alliances. 

What sets the game apart, however, is, of course, WAGMI Games’ Founder Pack’s. By players having verifiable ownership of the in-game assets, WAGMI Defense garners excitement and attention in the gaming landscape, transforming each gameplay moment into promising long-term value. As players advance, the innate desirability of their digital collectibles will soar!

Gamers and Web3 enthusiasts alike should all keep a close eye on WAGMI Games, which, given its first set of offerings, will genuinely be transformative and revolutionary. 

Learn more about WAGMI Games >> Here

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