NFT REVIEW NEWS Veefriends Strikes a Partnership with Jazwares

As the current state of the market wreaks havoc on the Web3 realm, the strongest NFT projects continue to seek refuge outside the confines of the blockchain. Sitting firmly on this adaptable side of the fence, the enduring Veefriends has partnered with toy goliath, Jazwares, to launch a range of NFT-inspired Squishmallows plushies.

Launching at 12pm EDT on August 7, Squishmallows will introduce 4 different cuddly toys based around the Veefriends intellectual property. The adorable creations will bring to life some of the most popular characters from the NFT empire, including Adventurous Astronaut, Humble Hedgehog, Intuitive Iguana, and Karma Kiwi. Each 12” (30cm) item will be available exclusively through the Jazwares and Veefriends online stores, for a flat $24.99 apiece, and are available worldwide.

The move marks a major coup for Veefriends, partnering with a brand that has captured the imagination of children and adults worldwide. However, the company is no stranger to physical toy collaborations, engaging in previous partnerships with Mattel for a range of branded Uno cards, and a set of toys through the resurrected Toys ‘Я’ Us retailer.

Veefriends Continues to Reward its Collectors

In true Veefriends style, the project has not forgotten the ardent supporters of its breakthrough NFT collection. As a result, those holding a Veefriends NFT from Series one that features any of the 4 characters can claim the corresponding Squishmallows Plushie for free. However, in order to qualify, they must first register their claim via the Veefriends website between 12pm EDT on July 26, and 12:59 EDT on August 2.

So, as Veefriends marks the latest NFT collection to launch a new set of physical toys, the time has come to indulge in its IP from the comfort of the real world!

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