NFT REVIEW NEWS VeeFriends and Squishmallows Partner on Plush Toy Collection

VeeFriends adds another collaboration under its belt as it announces an exclusive partnership with Squishmallows to bring a few beloved VeeFriends characters to life. Set to launch in August 2023, Gary Vee originally teased this collaboration in late 2022 when he posed for a photo with Squishmallows’ Chief Brand Officer, Jeremy Padawer.

Four cuddly characters

The ensemble to look forward to includes four charming 12-inch VeeFriends plush characters — Adventurous Astronaut, Humble Hedgehog, Intuitive Iguana, and Karma Kiwi. These characters will be available exclusively on Jazwares and the VeeFriends shop starting August 7. Holders of Series 1 VeeFriends tokens will be able to claim their favorite character, with more details coming soon on the VeeFriends website.

The Squishmallows, which will be available globally, will each be priced at $24.99. The plush versions of the characters will be sold in limited quantities, marking the exclusivity of this unique partnership between VeeFriends and Squishmallows.

Reflecting on this announcement in a press release, Andy Krainak, President of VeeFriends, expressed his enthusiasm. “We are excited to see the partnership with Squishmallows debut Intuitive Iguana, Humble Hedgehog, Adventurous Astronaut, and Karma Kiwi as collectible plush toys,” he said.

“These VeeFriends characters have unique stories and designs, and we can’t wait for people of all ages to enjoy them. Our goal through this partnership is to spread joy and happiness and the values of VeeFriends to fans and collectors worldwide,” Krainak continued.

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