NFT REVIEW NEWS Upland Strikes a Major Partnership with the 0N1 Force NFT Project

Upland, the reality spanning Metaverse featuring virtual destinations that mirror the real world, has formed a spectacular allegiance with the blue-chip 0N1 Force NFT project. Through the mighty partnership, 0N1 Force members will find a new home in Upland’s forthcoming Tokyo City, and unlock new perks with their NFTs.

As the NFT space evolves, existing projects like 0N1 Force are continually looking for ways to provide extra value to their holders. With this in mind, the anime styled PFP project has formed a strategic collaboration with Upland in order to facilitate the creation of the 0N1VERSE. As a result, both companies will essentially build an exclusive neighborhood within the Upland Metaverse that will form a hub for 0N1 Force NFT holders.

0N1 Force Community to Receive Special Privileges within the Upland Metaverse

In order to further reward its loyal following, the new collaboration will add extra perks that will unlock bonus content for NFT holders. Some of the immediate benefits will see 0N1 Force members qualify for a special block explorer when they reach ‘Uplander’ status. Then later, once they elevate to ‘Director,’ they will become eligible to claim a 1/1 derivative of the 0N1 Force NFT contained in their crypto wallet.

Further down the line, 0N1 Force and Upland will launch additional content within this integrated microcosm. As such, holders can expect to see unique wearables, map asset NFTs, meetups, 3D spaces, and Ready Player Me avatars, arriving on the platform in the near future.

Upland Strikes a Major Partnership with the 0N1 Force NFT Project

Upland Prepares to Penetrate the Japanese Metaverse Market

This latest collaboration forms a key part of Upland’s goal to penetrate the Japanese Metaverse market, and facilitate growth in Asia. Essentially, acting as a precursor to the company’s highly anticipated launch of Tokyo City, an all-new location designed to entice good folks from the richly cultured nation.

As a result of this development, Tokyo City will mark Upland’s first entry into the eclectic continent of Asia, and form a key part of its strategy in the region. Later on, those keeping tabs of the Upland environment will likely see additional Asian cities arrive on the platform.

So, as 0N1 Force continues to grow following its acquisition by Old Fashion Research back in February, it has now begun honoring one of its major pledges – to build a virtual hub, and expand the 0N1VERSE.

Find out more about Upland’s collaboration with 0N1 Force >> Here

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