NFT REVIEW NEWS Top AI Platforms for Generating NFTs in 2023

At the dawn of NFTs, creators painstakingly flooded marketplaces with captivating NFTs that enthusiasts and investors couldn’t resist. This attracted several successes to NFTs in the decentralized space and beyond. To maintain the aesthetic and glamorous aura surrounding NFTs, creators are exploring sophisticated technological tools to maintain or increase the magnitude of top-notch delivery. This exploration has resulted in rise in the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for generating NFTs in 2023.

What is AI, and how does it affect NFTs in 2023?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence into a bot (robot) controlled by a computer system. The concept of AI is to enable these bots to undertake and execute operations (tasks) like humans. Though AIs can’t perform every task as humans, they can flawlessly execute specific tasks they were created for. For instance, an AI designed for data analysis will analyze data as efficiently as humans but can perform poorly in match predictions.

Since AIs are used in several technological niches, NFT creators have also onboarded the tool into NFT creation. This is not the first use of AI in the decentralized space; AI has been effectively used in the cryptoverse for trading, sniffing newly listed tokens in DeFi, trading NFTs, and so on. With this novel blending of AI into NFT creation, AI can generate and enhance art, image & photograph, video, and animated NFTs. Below are the top AI platforms that can be used to create/generate art for NFTs in 2023.


DeepAI is an art and image generator AI that can create generative art and image NFTs. It uses a text-to-image model to understand creators’ concepts and generate or transform their ideas into art and images that can serve as NFTs. Kevin Baragona and Peter Griggs co-founded the San Francisco-based company behind DeepAI in 2017. DeepAI operates open-source software alongside sophisticated tools for generating realistic images, making NFT creation seamless.


DeepAI generates images with one of the easiest inputs by typing ideas in text format and waiting for the generative image. It supports the customization of generated image details like color, texture, and other features befitting outstanding photos worthy of an NFT. Furthermore, DeepAI uses StyleGAN (Style Generative Adversarial Network), BigGAN, and CartoonGAN to generate images to users’ preferences.

The StyleGAN generates realistic images, while the BigGAN scales the images into high-resolution images, and the CartoonGAN transforms images into cartoons. The image below was generated by typing “Lionel Messi holding World Cup trophy.”

Top AIs for Generating NFTs

Like magic, DeepAI is making image creation seamless with simplicity, which automatically spells good for NFT creations. The AI can be used without signing up for an account, but there more perks in signing up. If you can think of anything, DeepAI will transform your ideas into images or arts.


NightCafe is another masterpiece AI that can be used for creating video, image, and art NFTs. This AI can effectively turn a dummy artiste into an NFT don with little effort. NightCafe was developed by Angus Russell in July 2019, and is equipped with several algorithms that rank it higher than its contemporaries. It is free and compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Using NightCafe, anyone can create video and art NFTs using its text-to-image AI. In addition, the neural style transfer tool can transform any photo into a masterpiece.

All artistic work generated on NightCafe belongs to the creator, and allows users to organize their creations into collections, download images in bulk, and buy a museum-quality print of an artwork. NightCafe has generated over 134 million artworks, and its tools are user-friendly. To suit users’ preferences, it has 40 different styles, including NightCafe, Anime, Cosmic, Fantasy, Horror, Surreal, and more. The image below was generated by typing “Cristiano Ronaldo on snow” using the text-to-image AI.

Top AIs for Generating NFTs


Deep Dream Generator is another AI image generator for NFTs. It was developed by Alexander Mordvintsev, a Google engineer, in 2014. The AI uses Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to detect and enhance image patterns via the Pareidolia algorithm. Deep Dream is user-friendly and can generate artwork in different painting styles, places, or seasons, suitable for NFTs. It can create image NFTs with its Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, and Deep Dream tools.

The Text 2 Dream tool is equivalent to the text-to-image model of other AIs. It uses a text prompt (description) to generate artistic square, landscape, or portrait images worthy of an NFT. This tool is equipped with modifiers like generic, artists, quality, effects, and types of photography.

The Deep Style and Dream tools involve uploading a base image and choosing a style to resonate your NFT ideas into a realistic image. Images generated with the Text 2 Dream tool are base images and can be modified with these tools. The Mars image below was generated with Deep Dream using the Text 2 Dream tool.

Top AIs for Generating NFTs


DALL-E or DALL-E 2 is one of the additional products from ChatGPT pioneer,  OpenAI. DALL-E is developed to generate images using the text-to-image model leveraging a mind-bending 12-billion parameters. DALL-E was invented by Aditya Ramesh and released on January 5, 2021. Its highly flexible capabilities can generate images by combining unrelated concepts, transforming existing images into unique ones, and creating animal and object illustrations befitting unique NFTs.

DALL-E also visualizes internal (x-ray) and external structures with macro photographs, support perspective, and 3D visuals and can incorporate multiple and disparate objects and concepts. Users can generate NFTs with a detailed idea description or upload an image to edit with DALL-E tools. However, its user-friendly tools are currently not free; users need to buy credits ($15 for 115 credits) to be eligible to use them.

Top AIs for Generating NFTs

Starry AI

Starry AI is a free web-based and mobile AI app for generating art NFTs. Created by Mo Khan, the AI uses the Altair and Orion AI models to generate magnificent images and art NFTs. Starry AI incorporates the VQGAN-CLIP (Altair) into CLIP-Guided Diffusion (Orion) to create exclusive and copyrighted arts and images that marketplaces can list as NFTs.

As a free and automatic NFT generator, Starry AI uses the text-to-image model alongside other tools like styles, canvas size, columns, and the ability to customize generated art or images by removing unwanted elements. The image below was created with the “summer gold rock” text in four columns.

Top AIs for Generating NFTs

AI NFTs in 2023 – Conclusion

The advent of AI in generating NFTs has redefined the NFT creation landscape, making it seamless with state-of-the-art AI tools. Blending AIs into human capabilities birthed unique artistic content with glamorous styles and sophisticated tools. The above-highlighted are a few among other notable AIs; other top AI platforms to generate NFTs in 2023 include:

  • Artbreeder
  • Midjourney
  • Stable Diffusion
  • GoArt
  • HotPot AI
  • Stablecog
  • Shutterstock
  • Big Sleep
  • SketchAR
  • NinjaFT

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