NFT REVIEW NEWS The Otherside Supercharges with Faraway for LoTM Open Beta

NFT titan, Yuga Labs, recently announced its Otherside Metaverse is finally releasing its 2D strategy game, Legends of the Mara (LoTM), in open beta this month. Powering up with the highly reputable Faraway Games, LoTM is utilizing Unity to build on the virtual world significantly.

Players will have the thrilling opportunity to harness the capabilities of the Metaverse’s in-game assets while earning rewards necessary for bolstering LoTM’s future. An asset not yet seen before will come to light for all virtual Land NFT holders, empowering a broader cross-reality universe and garnering excitement for all involved. 

The Voyage Ahead for LoTM

Throughout the next few months, the LoTM chapter promises to evolve continuously. As the full release looms, more capabilities will be unveiled, adding layers of engagement and complexity to the experience for enticing gameplay. One standout feature, notably, includes the Mara NFTs transforming into the Metaverse’s mighty new Kodamara allies, enabling players to fight evil entities to defend the Otherside realm. 

Similarly, each holder of Otherdeed NFT Land can also acquire a Vessel, regardless of whether or not they already have a Koda on land. Depending on player performance, Vessels can also metamorphose into a Kodamara. Both Mara and Kodamara characters aid greatly in protecting the Otherside. However, it’s vital to note that their strengths do not match the same pinnacle as the stalwart Kodas. 

Gamers can also harvest more ‘Sediment’ (‘Biogenic Swamp’, ‘Chemical Goo’, ‘Cosmic Dream’ and ‘Infinite Expanse’), which act as tiers to dictate the number of workers (Farmer Mara, Kodamara, Koda, and Hunter Mara) that can be allocated on the Metaverse. The more hands on deck, the higher the chances of Hunters and Farmers claiming victory. 

With the social blockchain game builder and the masterminds behind Mini Royale: Nations, Faraway Games, committed to enhancing the player-driven economy, the Otherside is in a winning position. The full-scale launch for LoTM open beta is in sight. Otherside Land owners have much to anticipate! 

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