NFT REVIEW NEWS The Machines Arena Levels Up – Debuts Season 1

After much anticipation, The Machines Arena (TMA) Beta Season 1 has finally launched on Epic Games. The title opens not just thrilling gameplay through an intense new PVP pushback map, Conquer Black Site, but also a tantalizing array of play-to-earn collectibles and rewards.

At the heart of the season 1 are in-game challenges strategically designed to entice players. Such encounters aim to grip existing players, opening the unique chance to battle against new and old Web2 and Web3 gamers alike for playable Skins and more.

Leveling Up to Unleash Rewards

Obtaining XP and leveling up unlocks numerous Beta rewards, notably collectible Skins. Players can earn XP by delving into the Quick Play PVP, or, the enhanced Death Run PVE mode. Once reaching levels 25, 50, 75 and 100, well-earned Skins are respectively opened, including XE’s ‘Urban Commando’, Bravo Zulu’s ‘Mercenary’, Tesla’s ‘Desert Ranger and Daye’s ‘Demo’. 

On top of these beta rewards, TMA has introduced loyalty rewards that provide special Skins for numerous player categories. The ‘Royal Guard’ Skin awaits players of Season 01, whereby original gamers can collect ‘Rustic’ and winners of TMA’s Championship Tournament 2021 can earn ‘Champions Sigil 2021’. All players successful enough to unlock these Skins can do so via the Ronin Network, further heralding a revolution in the gaming sphere. 

Another riveting new feature is XE, a new central figure with rich lore. Gamers can modify XE into their character and use the figure to pilot through the single-player PVE mode, ‘Death Run’, for a higher chance of seizing perks. 

In a nutshell, The Machines Arena Season 1 is an action-packed Beta series with new game models, characters, and a hub of significant rewards. So, gear up and join the havoc. 

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