NFT REVIEW NEWS Takashi Murakami Gagosian Exhibit to Spotlight Art

The prestigious French art gallery, Gagosian, is preparing to open its grand doors to showcase the widely acclaimed multimedia artist, Takashi Murakami, on June 10. 

Running for six months, the “Understanding the New Cognitive Domain” exhibit is ready to highlight Murakami’s talents. The Japanese artist’s work set to feature include Tokyo’s Kabuki-za theater in 2022, a long-format 2010 painting, and Dragon in Clouds – Indigo Blue (which was intended as a tribute to Soga Shōhaku’s esteemed 1763 masterpiece), a series of ‘Lucky Cat’ paintings, the artist’s signature smiling flower and a two-meter rainbow sign, representing extensive physical productions and digital ventures from the Murakami.Flowers NFT collectibles.

Delving into the blockchain world yet again, Murakami is granting all opening ceremony attendees an exclusive NFT gift to celebrate the event. These digital assets will be minted on-demand at the Le Bourget gallery, receivable via a giveaway booth that will initiate an innovative interactive experience.

The Brain Behind the Art

Murakami is a notable figure in the realm of contemporary Japanese art. Best known for his work across numerous mediums, encompassing sculpture, fashion, painting and animation, his artistic mind often fuses elements of Japanese culture alongside conventional art motifs, depicting them vibrantly and boldly. 

Marking Murakami as an influential figure in art is his ‘Superflat’ movement, an iconic postmodern art movement influenced by anime and manga. This creative style is easily identifiable, consisting of unique flat panels of color, blending contrasting art forms, and challenging traditional distinctions between genres. 

Alongside his various art pieces in the physical realm of art are Murakami’s NFT collectibles that launched on the Ethereum blockchain in May 2022. Inspired by Japanese TV games in the 1970s, his Murakami.Flowers NFT project is vibrant and ties into broader themes of his previous pieces, including his much-loved smiling flower. The NFTs have 5,511 unique owners on OpenSea and a floor price of around $1,7k (0.4289 ETH) to date. 

Collaborations with respected fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Nike (RTFKT) and famous musicians like Kanye West further boost his status in contemporary culture. Now, his “Understanding the New Cognitive Domain” artistic triumphs are set to showcase at the Gagosian gallery, creating buzz and excitement for traditional and Web3 art fanatics alike. 

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