NFT REVIEW NEWS Steve McQueen Fuels Verified Labs’ Motorcycle NFTs

The historical footprint of Steve McQueen is stepping into the Web3 world through ‘King of Cool Racing Team’ NFTs. Inspired by the Magnificent Seven star’s love for motorcycles, the NFT collection will kick into gear on ThetaDrop starting from July 14. 

The unique collection of 1,000 generative art NFTs unmasks a portrait of McQueen. Contemporary artist Michael Kalish created the original masterpiece in 2022, aided by the legend’s grandson, Chase, whose the main architect in this venture — merging his grandad’s legacy with AI and technology to exhibit it in a modern medium on-chain. 

Steve McQueen Fuels Verified Labs' Motorcycle-Themed NFTs

Revving up Remembrance and Rewards On-Chain

Acquiring the ‘King of Cool Racing Team’ NFTs unlocks numerous engaging experiences. Each holder can uncover a digital Triumph Bonneville T100 Motorcycle, symbolizing McQueen’s passion for the fearsome form of transport. Not only do the assets deliver ownership and surprise, but also secures an exclusive spot on the King of Cool Racing Team, bringing the project’s name to life. 

Upon joining the riding crew, a whole new world opens up with exclusive token-locked content, exciting events, and engaging games. These unlockable features captivate token holders and immerse them in a vibrant community united by their shared passion for McQueen’s legendary persona. Adding extra horsepower to the experience is a 3D portrait of McQueen, visible in stunning clarity through VR technology, including Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. 

Numerous renowned collaborations have fueled this blockchain venture, each adding their interests and expertise. The McQueen Estate, deeply rooted in celebrating and preserving McQueen’s heritage, has joined forces with the trailblazing Web3 talent firm Verified Labs. McQueen’s motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles, also adds a historical touch to the Steve McQueen NFTs alongside the Web3 animation studio Immersive Entertainment Laboratories. 

As the NFT sphere evolves, this project embodies the expanding movement of eternalizing celebrities’ history on the blockchain, preserving their relevance and background in an ever-adapting digital landscape. Further marking history, another similar initiative worth checking out include Biggie Smalls ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ collection — which sold out in just ten minutes!

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