NFT REVIEW NEWS StepN Paves the Way for Gas Hero, a New Game From Find Satoshi Lab

Web3 development studio Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), famed for creating the move-and-earn lifestyle game StepN, has unveiled a new game: Gas Hero. They’re launching a competition called Shape the Legends, Share the Glory to commemorate the release. The competition urges community members to design their own version of the game’s NFTs — called Genesis Heroes — for a chance to win two percent creator royalty fees as well as a portion of the game’s utility token, $GMT.

This competition signals a possible shift in Web3 gaming, encouraging the participation of its players even before the game’s launch.

Gas Hero will be a strategic, socially-oriented Web3 game that invites players to guide their Gas Heroes through a post-apocalyptic world, building virtual bases and battling other players.

Credit: FSL Team

This latest project from FSL follows the success of their previous gaming venture, StepN, which recently became the first blockchain gaming app to integrate Apple Pay. According to Yawn Rong, co-founder of FSL, “Our first venture, StepN, highlighted how possible it is to bring millions of users in the Web3 space, and we hope Gas Hero will have the same impact as we continue to grow the FSL ecosystem.”

The competition runs in three phases over the course of three months: from July 10 to October 9.

The first phase, which ends on August 8, challenges participants to submit designs for a pre-selected list of character “codenames,” such as Ape Commander, Ascetic Monk, Combat Queen, Lone Werewolf, and others.

The contest will reward 20 winners for each codename, for a total of 320 winners per phase and 960 winners overall. Prizes include Genesis Hero NFT trading royalties, $GMT, and a co-branded Gas Hero and FSL t-shirt. The winners’ designs will also be featured on the official Gas Hero website.

To enter, visit the Gas Hero competition website.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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