NFT REVIEW NEWS Starbucks Odyssey NFTs with MLB’s Micah Johnson

Presenting yet another shot of innovation, Starbucks’ Odyssey NFTs stir up a fresh partnership with the Aku NFT collection, roasting new Stamps in a Journey called ‘Aku Adventure’ to energize members’ digital portfolios on July 17 to August 13, 2023.

The 15,000-piece NFT profile picture project, Aku, crafted by the MLB player Micah Johnson, pours ambition into budding brains, blending potential and dreams by taking inspiration from his nephew’s fantasy of being a black astronaut. Celebrities like Trevor Noah, Pusha T, and Tyra Banks added these wholesome collectibles to their digital tables, guiding the project’s first chapter to rake in a hefty $2 million in February 2021. 

All members of Starbucks Odyssey NFTs will shortly be able to “join the coffee caravan club with Aku.” Starbucks’ revealed it would donate $100k of proceeds to ‘Blessing in a Backpack’, a non-profit charity fighting against food starvation among children. “I’m extremely grateful to Starbucks for supporting our mission to not just be a character that represents good but a character that actually does good,” tweeted Johnson

Starbucks Roasts New Odyssey NFTs with MLB's Micah Johnson

Starbucks’ Past Web3 Aromas

After months of build-up, Starbucks first ground itself into the blockchain realm by debuting Odyssey in March 2023. The inaugural 2,000-piece NFT ‘Siren Collection’ was guzzled in under 18 minutes, despite high demand causing lousy website access. Initially, the Stamps were available for $100. However, the assets were sold on secondary marketplaces shortly after the official sale for approximately $550 each. 

Following the success, the world-renowned coffee house brewed another batch of NFTs named ‘The Starbucks First Store Collection’. These 5,000 limited edition pieces, priced at $99 each and currently selling on OpenSea for approximately $118.7, were created to provide a satisfying and smooth experience for its loyal customers. 

All of Starbucks’ Odyssey NFTs act as points for the rewards program. Members can win the non-fungible tokens when partaking in the app’s games and online experiences and gain points when either collecting or buying the digital tokens to unlock exclusive perks: virtual coffee tours, a real-world tour around Starbucks’ Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica, espresso martini-making classes, physical merchandise and more.

Odyssey continues to infuse new horizons to boost customer engagement through blockchain technology with integral purposes — appealing to not only adventurous coffee enthusiasts but also those passionate about social justice. 

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