NFT REVIEW NEWS Syncs with Optimism for Lower Gas Fees

Addressing significant Web3 industry issues, like high gas costs and slow transactions associated with Ethereum’s mainnet, is tuning in with the prominent Layer 2 scaling solution, Optimism.

By harnessing the Optimism Layer 2 technology, enables a whopping 90% reduction in gas fees — a significant achievement, considering that the prices have often exceeded the cost of the songs. Moreover, this partnership means that transaction speeds on the music-centric NFT marketplace are now six times faster, and collectors have more options when paying out for tracks, using either a credit card, Mainnet ETH or Optimism ETH.

Empowering Artists and Collectors

Regardless of this collaboration, die-hard Ethereum fans can still deploy their contracts on Ethereum’s Layer 1 mainnet, allowing aficionados to collect and explore music across both chains. However, they must use Optimism ETH when acquiring songs on Optimism, easily obtainable by bridging funds through the official Optimism Bridge. Additionally, collectors can also pay using Mainnet ETH and opt to receive their music NFTs on the Optimism chain. 

Bringing the launch to the surface with a music-inspired twist, Sound is debuting a free open-edition song co-created by Optimism’s co-founder, Ben Chain, and Sound’s co-founder Gigamesh. The track pays homage to Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, but fans, beware, the song will only be available to mint for seven days. 

Moreover, Cherished musicians Rae Isla and Sammy Arriaga will be kicking off the debut with their “Heartbreak Closer” song. Other musical talents, like ROHKI, TK the Legend, Bloody White, Reo Cragun, Sara J Phillips, and Daniel Alla, are  also scheduled to have drops throughout the week. 

In a nutshell, Sound and Optimism share a vision of empowering contributors and creators in the ecosystem. This partnership is just the beginning of progression in the Web3 sphere. Better still, Sound hints at further exciting advancements and updates in the pipeline.

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