NFT REVIEW NEWS Ready to Orgasm? NARS Cosmetics Announces NFT Collection

French cosmetics and skincare company NARS Cosmetics has announced that it’s getting ready to release another NFT collection in celebration of National Orgasm Day on July 31.

Inspired by the colors and textures of the company’s “Orgasm” makeup shade, the new NFT collection will be available for auction as single-edition Ethereum digital artworks through the SuperRare platform, with SuperRare taking initial bids on the “Orgasm, Activated” pieces beginning July 25. 

Inspired by the iconic shade

NARS Cosmetics commissioned five female-identifying artists to create these extravagant digital art pieces – Dr. Alex Box, Serwah Attafuah, Nina “Ninocence” Hawkins, Clara Bacou, and Damara Ingles. One hundred percent of auction proceeds and royalties will go to these creators. 

“The emergence of Web3 and digital collectibles has ushered in a new era of artistic creation and self-expression,” said Gabrielle Archambault, executive director of global digital innovation and media at NARS. “We’re excited to leverage our platform to amplify the work of these next-generation creators.”

Clara Bacou, ILLUMINATION, 2023
ILLUMINATION. Credit: Clara Bacou/NARS Cosmetics.

According to NARS, each piece will be accompanied by an Infinite Objects video frame that showcases the NFT, a lineup of selected NARS “Orgasm” cosmetics products, and a one-on-one consultation with a brand makeup artist. 

Adding some augmented reality fun into the mix, each artist created their own AR filter that draws inspiration from their respective piece, which will be available through NARS’ Instagram account on July 31.

Dr. Alex Box, PULSATION, 2023
PULSATION. Credit: Dr. Alex Box/NARS Cosmetics

NARS Web3 history

NARS took its first steps into Web3 in August 2021, debuting its first NFT collection based on its iconic Orgasm makeup collection. The brand commissioned three artists – DJ and music producer Nina Kravis, fashion designer Azede Jean-Pierre, and Sara Shakeel, a collage and crystal artist – to create the pieces, which were subsequently sold on the Truesy platform and released during World Orgasm Day on July 31 of the same year.

However, by the looks of Truesy’s Twitter account, the NFT marketplace hasn’t been active since late July 2021.  

Most recently, in February 2023, NARS joined forces with Boss Beauties to release its Odentity NFT collection, which was also inspired by its “Orgasm” makeup shade. 

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