NFT REVIEW NEWS Rarity Meets Disney with Cryptoys’ Mickey and Friends NFTs

Cryptoys is set to uplift its repertoire with a new line of digital assets, Mickey and Friends NFTs, for $39.99 apiece this September — the latest digital toys in the Cryptoyverse! 

Spotlighting some of Disney’s most renowned characters — Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Pluto — the NFTs will adopt Cryptoys’ pre-existing rarity structure from earlier collections: Common, Rare, Legendary, Grail and Ultra Grail levels. Each character will be up for grabs in five distinct types, corresponding to one of the rarity tiers. The latter categories are more in demand following scarcity.

Not forgetting, there’s a catch: each collectible is a ‘blind box’ — collectors are none the wiser about which character they will receive until after purchase, making the fetch all the more intriguing!

Cryptoys Climbing the NFT Ladder

Prior to its forthcoming ‘Mickey and Friends’ NFT drop, Cryptoys has already made significant strides in its flourishing NFT marketplace. The platform generates buzz and acclaim by releasing NFTs featuring some of the world’s most famous franchises in entertainment history, including Masters of the Universe, Star Wars and Fast and Furious.

Each release has been made possible through a significant $23 million funding round from heavy hitters in the technology and entertainment sectors. Led by a16z Crypto, the capital-raising phase enticed numerous influential entities: Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Mattel, Draper & Associates, Acrew Capital and Sound Ventures.

Moreover, this significant monetary support enabled the creation of Cryptoys’ Cryptoverse, an engaging, decentralized Metaverse with eight unique zones, each offering out-of-this-world experiences. From immersive gaming to mixed-reality retail, the platform incentivizes user engagement and interactivity for all of its digital toy collectors and LAND owners. 

Interestingly, Cryptoys isn’t the first of its kind to explore Mickey and Friends NFTs. Its rival digital collectibles platform, VeVe, has already marked Mickey’s foray into the NFT world. However, given Cryptoys’ credentials and significant backing, this upcoming release is poised to be yet another standout edition in the NFT hub’s ever-growing portfolio.

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