NFT REVIEW NEWS Rarible and Mantle Reinforce NFT Trading with Mintle Marketplace

The pioneering royalty-friendly NFT marketplace, Rarible, has joined forces with the Ethereum Layer2 (L2) ecosystem, Mantle, to power up Mintle — a trailblazing marketplace that provides NFT listing, purchasing, swapping, and offloading within the Mantle network. 

Rarible’s growing cross-chain NFT ecosystem and advanced technology architecture, paired with Mantle’s DAO-run Ethereum Virtual Machine, delivers smooth trading operations and enhances user convenience. Mintle has burst into the scene as a consequence, resolving traditional data availability issues inherent in L2 blockchain networks, like steep transaction costs. 

Catalyzing a New Phase of NFT Trading

Owing to this partnership between the two Web3 powerhouses, Mintle users can now effortlessly purchase, list, and trade an array of NFTs. Drawing a community toward Mintle’s offerings, the marketplace, launched on September 19, kickstarted by underscoring the exclusivity of Mantle NFTs as the elite 5%. 

Further amplifying hype surrounding the new platform, Mintle unveiled whitelist giveaways of ‘The Mantle Rays’ and ‘Citizens of Mantle’ NFTs. Users are now anticipating minting these intriguing digital assets to see what all the fuss is about.

Additionally, PFP NFT projects including ‘Pixel Moles’, ‘Mantle’s Skulls’, ‘Control Gals’ and ‘Neo-futuristic Universe’, alongside gaming assets like ‘OmniKingdoms’, ‘Mantle Wolves’, and ‘Pandra: CodeConquerer’, are available for collecting, trading and selling. Notably, Pandra: CodeConquerer — with a floor price of $159 (0.101 WETH) — is one to watch out for.

All NFT creators are invited with open arms to integrate their collections into the Mantle ecosystem, solidifying Mintle’s stance as a go-to hub by offering a diverse range of virtual collectibles.

Taking into account that Rarible has a significant history of facilitating $27 million worth of NFT trades across Polygon, Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow, the Mintle NFT marketplace is primed to profit from the popular platform’s track record. So, check it out! 

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