NFT REVIEW NEWS Pudgy Penguins Fresh Batch of Children’s Toys

Pudgy Penguins is diving into another batch of children’s toys to capitalize on the win of its Banana Suit collectibles flying off the shelves in just 7 seconds. The NFT brand’s new ‘Left Facing’ collectibles mirror the 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873 and are set to soar on NTWRK’s online store today!

The collaboration with NTWRK opens the doors to a broad collector community consisting of art connoisseurs — most of which will be introduced to the world of NFTs for the first time. Concurrently, Pudgy Penguins has joined forces with SASOM, a Thai-based apex collectible platform, to further amplify its brand internationally, with the Asian market being a notable focus.

Pudgy Penguins’ Merchandise Spectrum

Already, Pudgy Penguins children’s toys have made waves on Amazon. Within 48 hours of launching its first batch of vinyl and plush toys on the internationally recognized marketplace, a staggering 20k were dispatched, bringing in around half a million USD. The project launch boosted Pudgys’ state-of-the-art IP and even overshadowed Amazon powerhouses like Disney, the Transformers, Barbie, and Lego.

In tandem with the merchandise are redeemable ‘digital experience codes,’ which bring the toy collectors into ‘Pudgy World’. Once scanning the label, collectors can immerse themselves into the realm of these cute Antarctic creatures and partake in numerous community-centric online activities.

The success of these material possessions propelled the Pudgys’ NFT domain, with the lowest-price NFT almost instantly witnessing an upswing of 22%, soaring from $8,800 (4.85 ETH) to around $10,000 (5.95 ETH). Pudgy Penguins’ floor price currently stands at $7,679.67 (4.2 ETH), as per CoinGecko.

Although some skeptics raise concerns about the ethics of introducing children’s products that require a crypto wallet to take full advantage of the brand experience, Pudgy Penguins continue to weave mainstream collectors’ into its cutting-edge universe on the blockchain through such item types. 

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