NFT REVIEW NEWS Pudgy Penguins Boost Engagements Across Malaysia and Beyond

Following a three-day event highlighting its transition from the virtual realm to tangible toys in Kuala Lumpur on September 18, Pudgy Penguins has solidified its place in Malaysia!

Pudgy Penguins’ Malaysia mission highlighted how the NFT-born brand redefines how blockchain innovation can benefit business landscapes. The event highlighted how Pudgy’s novel avenues, like enhancing IP applications and boosting consumer engagement, can benefit Malaysian businesses in the retail sector. Surpassingly, the Malaysian government and the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) back such innovative endeavors.

Pudgy Penguins’ Business Blueprint

Making all intriguing ventures possible, Pudgy Penguins obtained an impressive $9 million in May. After this monetary injection, the NFT brand presented its commitment to amplifying its brand’s offerings, stressing the need to preserve its community’s core values with its identity. Consequently, the Pudgy team thoroughly delved into fundraising methods to identify the best approaches to position not just itself but its community for ongoing achievements — opening the stage for Pudgy Toys‘ introduction and expanding its Asian presence.

Within the same month of receiving the capital, Pudgy Penguins entered Amazon with a bang, garnering a whopping $50,000 in sales within just 48 hours of launching its physical Pudgy Toys collectibles. These cute penguin figures rapidly bestowed a prime status, above numerous international industry giants: Barbie, Lego, Pokémon, and the Transformers, among others.

A few months later down the line, in August, Pudgy Penguins announced diving into Asian markets. Since then, it has entered Japan, Korea, Singapore, and, of course, Malaysia, garnering hype throughout such nations.

The brand’s record-breaking debut on Amazon and recent expansion across major Asian nations present Pudgy Penguins’ potential. With the support of significant contributors — including the MDEC and Malaysian government — the brand is poised to redefine how Web3 can boost businesses across the globe, leaving penguin footprints wherever they wander.

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