NFT REVIEW NEWS Prospective World Levels up Tron with Innovative M-NFT Drop

Get ready to embark on the next evolution of the Tron network as cutting edge Web3 environment, Prospective World, prepares its revolutionary M-NFT drop. Through its fantastic application of non-fungible technology, users can modify their digital assets and personalize them as they see fit!

Prospective World rides on the back of a team of seasoned developers who have worked in the industry for over 5 years. This has then paved the way to build a next generation Web3 ecosystem that will give users the opportunity to participate in a new level of community interactions, all the while, supported by an exciting new dimension of NFT utility!

Summon the Bull with Prospective World M-NFTs

Heading to the Tron network in the near future, 50k bull-themed M-NFTs will form the backbone of Prospective World’s ambitious Web3 project. Unlike your standard drop, however, collectors must unlock the right to mint by staking $TRX tokens and voting in the associated pool.

All in all, 6 different levels of rarity will grace the collection, with the level granted tied directly to the number of votes secured. Once in contention, users can then mint the M-NFT with zero transaction fees and a flat price in the $PROS utility token.

Adding to the innovation, Prospective World has added another unique twist to its incredible mint. As a result, it will work on a save 50%, spend 50% principle, meaning that half of the value of the fee will remain locked in a savings account tied to the M-NFT.

Take a look at the mint requirements >> Here

Prospective World Levels up Tron with Innovative M-NFT Drop

What is an M-NFT?

M-NFT essentially stands for ‘modifiable non-fungible token’ and means that holders will have the opportunity to customize their digital asset. This will come in the shape of animations and emotes that they can apply to their digital bull in order to truly make them come alive. While, an additional AR mode will also allow them to showcase their tokens by layering them over the IRL world!

More to Come from Prospective World

Prospective World has a jam-packed future ahead of it, with plans in motion to expand and develop its grand new ecosystem. As a result, members of its community can expect additional utility for their M-NFTs, while the project will also develop a comic book and game that will allow its members to shape content, and consume through the Prospective World platform.

So, take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the Prospective World Web3 environment as the Tron network begins to take shape, and ride the M-NFT bull into a wide universe of opportunities!

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