NFT REVIEW NEWS Power Rangers x Funko Morphin for Digital Pop! Series 2

Reestablishing momentum after a five-year break, Power Rangers and Funko have joined forces anew to unveil packs of innovative products, perfectly aligning with the famous franchise’s 30th anniversary on August 28.

This combined venture modernizes the original Power Rangers accompanied by a brand-new arrival of Ranger Slayer from the comic series Boom! Studios. The Ranger Slayer was initially solely available as a prize in the opening sequence of Funko’s NFT Digital Pop! series. Now, these Digital Card packs showcase intriguing new designs, giving NFT holders the chance to own a tangible version — regardless of past controversy.

Once the drop begins, interested buyers can purchase 5 NFTs for $9.99 or 15 for $29.99. Considering that Funko NFT drops have the tendency to rapidly sell out, enthusiasts must seize the opportunity to purchase these digital and tangible products at 11 am (PT) on the dot.

A First for Power Ranger Collectibles

Revolved around the 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, the Power Rangers x Funko Series 2 is introducing original characters alongside suit designs not yet seen before.

Movie merchandise was scarce back in 90s, with numerous items being repainted and rehashed versions of contemporary MMPR products. Interestingly, Bandai America debuted the movie’s first-ever figures — showcasing the villain Ivan Ooze and movie suits — in 2005, to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. However, such items had not officially been introduced until now.

Debates surrounding movie rights and whether or not Hasbro had access to its designs lingered for five years straight. Technically, the movie had never witnessed ‘Lightning Collection’ releases. This disparity remained, regardless of other items from the movie, like Tenga Warriors, Ninjetti Figures, and Movie Morphers all being marketed. Nonetheless, finally, Hasbro holds the rights to these quirky products.

Although the full lineup of these NFT characters remain undisclosed, glimpses of the tangible Pops! characters purchasable from the packs include Ninjetti, Aisha, Kimberly, Billy and more, alongside Ivan Ooze and Freddy Funko. The rarest gem for the pack is Dlucea, due to it being her first time featuring on collectibles. So, take your lucky chances and hope for the best!

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