NFT REVIEW NEWS Photographer Sets Focus on Free Celebrity NFTs

In a starry-sighted display of creativity, renowned photographer David Christopher Lee is generously giving away several free celebrity NFTs minted throughout June — one of which showcases the reality show star, Kim Kardashian. 

Lee presents his celebrity-centric masterpieces on, to banish gas fees and reap the benefits of Venly’s software wizardry. As such, to be a selected winner of Lee’s celebrity-centric NFT rewards, participants must follow David Christopher Lee (@davidchristopherlee) and @illuminate.art_ on Instagram and tag three friends on an @illuminate.art_ post. 

Furthermore, fellow famous photographer,  Klaus Moeller, will also offer access to his photography archive of more than 20 million celebrity images on the platform, alongside works from the post-impressionistic painter Sari Esserman. 

These partnerships with the white-label NFT agency merge the realms of celebrity, creativity and NFTs, changing how people engage, view, and own art and perceive celebrities.

Capturing Lee’s History

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Lee has merged with to showcase his masterpieces. Just weeks ago, he began flaunting pop princess Lady Gaga and rap legend Snoop Dogg as an aperture to the glitzy dimension of the celebrity world. These digital assets open up unique once-in-a-lifetime celebrity-focused opportunities — but at a price. 

To enter the frame for an exclusive photoshoot with Lee, collectors can purchase an NFT featuring the camera artist, priced at $5k. On the other side of the lens, those eager to take over the camera and learn from the imagery expert can buy four of Lee’s celebrity digital collectibles priced at $50 each. 

As luck would have it, a quarter of Gaga and Snoop tokens open the lavish path to the red carpet, giving NFT collectors an extraordinary chance to network with their favorite icons. NFT holders of Darcy Donavon’s ‘StarDawgs’ project will also receive an invite to the celebrity event following a fresh joint venture. 

Lee’s state-of-the-art offerings intertwined with’s trailblazing position exemplifies the growing impact and game-changing potential of NFTs within the digital and entertainment realm. So, embrace the quirkiness, enjoy the free celebrity NFTs, and allow the magic of photography to take you to new dimensions.

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