NFT REVIEW NEWS PBA Rolls out Bowling NFTs on Avalanche

The Alpha:

  • The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) is stepping into the NFT space by launching PBA League Bowler Certification (LBC) Awards as digital assets.
  • The program, built on the Avalanche Network, will offer rewards and features such as blockchain-backed bowler certification.

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This move by PBA underscores its commitment to digitization, leveraging the immense potential of blockchain technology to create NFTs of its awards. With every milestone achieved, bowlers will receive a digital accolade that can be showcased on their social networks via a digital marketplace. Each NFT will be a Soulbound Token, meaning it is non-transferable and unable to be resold.

By choosing the Avalanche network, PBA is banking on a platform known for its speed, low transaction costs, and robust ecosystem. Avalanche is rapidly emerging as one of the leading platforms for NFTs.

“We’re excited for Avalanche to power the new certification and digital collectibles rewards programs being pioneered by the PBA LBC Awards,” said John Nahas, Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, in a press release. “Our collaboration brings a new dimension to bowling, and we look forward to seeing how Avalanche-supported digital rewards help to keep the competition between league bowlers great.”

In order to participate, bowlers need to be active members with PBA LBC and have a LeaguePals account. NFT awards are given for these milestones: bowl a first game of 200, bowl a game of 300, achieve a series of 700 or 800, or score 50 or 100 pins over the average.

What’s next

With the first phase being digital awards, PGA says the second phase will be a points-based system. In addition to the digital awards, bowlers can accumulate points for their accomplished milestones. These accrued points can be exchanged for access to special deals and rewards. There has not been a set date for the second phase launch.

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