NFT REVIEW NEWS Pay Tribute to Bruce Lee on the BYTE CITY Metaverse

BYTE CITY, a behemoth of Metaverse social entertainment with a strong emphasis on digital keepsakes, is committed to establishing itself as a trailblazing watering hole for prominent brands and personalities seeking to enhance fan interactions. One notable guest of honor is the one and only martial arts hero Bruce Lee.

Marking half a century since Lee’s tragic passing, fans can interact with the maestro of combat in the BYTE CITY Metaverse starting from July 20. It’s the perfect time for all of Lee’s fans to unite and reflect on the legend’s enduring philosophy and legacy through immersive social experiences — etching all best wishes onto the blockchain for eternity while partaking in an enticing digital extravaganza.

Uniting Bruce Lee Buffs

Since the unveiling of the Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Event in BYTE CITY, many fans have got together to express their thoughts and feelings about the highly-anticipated virtual world that pays tribute to the remarkable martial artist and actor from Hong Kong. Even Lee’s daughter can’t wait to cherish her father’s long-lasting impact on the blockchain and bond with other admirers. 

“BYTE CITY presents a unique platform to honor my father’s legacy. This event will offer the Bruce Lee community an immersive experience, letting them connect with one another and pay tribute to my father in an exceptional manner. It’s a heartwarming tribute to his memory and a vibrant way to perpetuate his spirits,” commented Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, in a press release. 

Continuing the momentum from the announcement, BYTE CITY is on cloud nine, with Cordell Broadus, the son of hip-hop legend, Snoop Dogg, and the Chief Culture Officer at BYTE CITY, endorsing this opinion, emphasizing Lee’s impact and endowment on the Metaverse, saying: 

“Bruce Lee remains a beacon for countless enthusiasts worldwide, his artistry and wisdom still resonating across generations. BYTE CITY’s purpose is to build bridges between brands and their inspired communities. This alliance not only memorializes Lee’s legend but offers an engaging social milieu for his devotees. We are thrilled to welcome Bruce Lee to BYTE CITY.” 

The Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Event in the BYTE CITY Metaverse is one of many stellar community-entailed opportunities, so keep an eye out for more exciting virtual spaces and social opportunities to unravel. 

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