NFT REVIEW NEWS OnlyEver’s NFT-Linked Boot Takes Strides at Milan Fashion Week

During Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, AVAVAV unveiled an unusual NFT-linked boot, the Hoofster, created by OnlyEver and inspired by fashion enthusiasts’ feedback through a public vote.

Featuring faux-fur detail, a unique cloven-toe design, and a raven black leather finish, the shoe has similarities to a horse’s hoof. Despite already sounding offbeat, its innovative element — an embedded NFC chip — opens an Ethereum NFT counterpart that holds ownership certifications and co-creation details. Other advantages that will come to light as the project progresses.

These distinctive NFT-linked fashion boots are now available on OnlyEver’s platform for $795. On top of its innovative and stylish stance, another trigger for the demanding price tag comes down to OnlyEver’s 35-year shoemaking legacy, working for the likes of esteemed brands: Calvin Klein, Beyonce’s Ivy Park, Birkenstock, and Versace, among others. 

Snazzy Fashion Items with Blockchain DNA

Blockchain-integrated NFC chips are becoming all the more common, with big brands and fashion icons heeling to the trend. Modern-day fashion entrepreneur Nicole Steel recently embedded such chips into her luxury cuffs, ‘SmrtKuff‘, designed exclusively for Apple Watches. With a quick tap from buyers’ mobile devices, the cuff wearers can uncover their virtual IDS, safeguarded by Polygon NFTs, to ensure sustainability and traceability. 

Esteemed fashion brand MNTGE also embraces this tech-savvy movement, embedding NFC chips into its unique clothing line, ‘Patchwork‘. The NFT element enables buyers of its fashion garments to carry digital perks everywhere they go, unlocking benefits and features while on the move. 

Dior is another fashion powerhouse taking strides in this arena. Its Dior B33 sneakers are equipped with NFC chips in the soles of its shoes, providing access to its secure, private virtual platform, which notably offers tailored services. 

As NFC chips find themselves embedded in shoes, cuffs, patches, and beyond, it’s apparent that the future of fashion is not just about how we look but how we engage and connect with our attire within this unrestricted digital world. 

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