NFT REVIEW NEWS OnChain Studios Launches Kid-Safe Chatbot for NFTs

OnChain Studios, the company behind Cryptoys kid-friendly NFTs, is taking a step forward to ensure safe interactions with its digital products. The firm is set to integrate a child-safe AI chatbot, known as ChatGuardian, into its network to help kids have safe, engaging, and entertaining conversations with their NFT characters.

The studio has been developing this unique feature for two years, which will be first incorporated into its popular Zoo-F-O collection. OnChain Studios, which made headlines last year when it raised $23 million from heavyweight investors such as a16z, Dapper Labs, and Mattel, will roll out ChatGuardian to adult collectors, with the second release targeted specifically towards children.

ChatGuardian allows parents to log into a control center and restrict the usage of certain keywords and topics, thereby enabling a safe digital environment for kids. The aim is to help children interact directly with their virtual toys while also exposing them to digital ownership and NFT mechanics. This approach might prove to be a significant step in familiarizing the younger generation with these digital concepts, which are often complex even for adults to navigate.

While speaking with Tech Crunch in 2022, OnChain Studios CEO Will Weinraub emphasized the importance of taking “baby steps to get millions and millions of people to these new paradigms.” In that way, ChatGuardian may be a small yet significant step in that direction, helping introduce children to the world of digital assets in a manner that is both safe and fun.

Aside from its Zoo-F-O collection, Cryptoys has also created kid-friendly NFT drops based on Mattel’s He-Man franchise, as well as Star Wars.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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