NFT REVIEW NEWS NFTs Step in to Change the Face of Croatian Hog Farming

Every now and then, a story hits the news feed that is so wild and audacious that it immediately make you sit up and take notice. So, on that cryptic note, let’s dive into the intriguing tale of the Croatian hog farming and its brush with state-of-the-art NFT technology.

The story begins with 3 Croatian companies, a swine specialist in Agroporc, and two blockchain entities, Beyondi and Block Be. Together, this trio of agricultural innovators have combined forces to launch GoAgro, a digital platform that aims to transform the farming sector in the country.

Through its innovative new approach, GoAgro has turned to the humble NFT to help fund its future farming initiatives. Achieving this interesting feat by launching a collection of swine-themed NFTs that will, over time, yield a 3% yield on the investment, as well as a guaranteed return of 100KG of pork after 900 days.

NFTs Step in to Change the Face of Croatian Hog Farming

GoAgro Brings NFTs to the Croatian Farming Industry

All in all, GoAgro plans to distribute a grand total of 240k “My Digital Pig” NFTs through its new virtual livestock initiative. The first 19999 have already arrived at a price of $225 and enable holders to “invest in the future of food production.” This means, that the money raised within the program will be used to develop farming within Croatia in a bid to reduce the country’s reliance on imported goods.

In addition to the NFT, GoAgro has launched a series of sustainability initiatives to help improve the efficiency of its product. As a result, all of its zero waste farms are energy efficient, and its pigs raised to GMO principles and produce 90% fewer carbon emissions than traditional methods. Furthermore, the innovative company has introduced webcams to its facilities, so that NFT holders can keep an eye on their swine investment in real time!

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