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Groundbreaking blockchain ticketing platform, NFT-TiX, proudly unveils a multi-year partnership with Unum Festival — one of Albania’s most eagerly-awaited music festivals, representing a significant milestone in the music and entertainment industry.

Ticket sales for the melodic celebration will start at 12pm CEST on May 5, with the festival kick-starting June 1 – 6 in the picturesque coastal town of Shengjin.

NFT-TiX’s alliance with Unum Festival warrants a secure and smooth ticketing process, enabling festival attendees to purchase tickets at face value without extra charges traditional ticketing systems typically include. 

By supplying music lovers with NFTs instead of conventional tickets, the passes are one-of-a-kind, therefore, cannot be duplicated. Smart contracts (self-executing agreements with the terms explicitly written into code) play a crucial role in automating the ticketing process, making the entry permits efficient and tamper-proof.

As a consequence, this innovative ticketing method also eradicates ticket fraud and scalping, ensuring a fair and risk-free experience for all festival-goers.

Technicalities Behind the Ticketing Process 

To purchase Unum Festival tickets, attendees must sign up on the NFT-TiX platform, create a profile, and connect their crypto wallets. The streamlined process makes it easy for everyone to use, regardless of whether or not they have experience in blockchain technology. 

Once setting up a profile, users can browse for their desired events via the marketplace, where Unum Festival can be found. Users must execute a smart contract consisting of their NFT tickets during this time to ensure a secure transaction. Once the purchase is complete, the tickets are available in the user’s account, ready to enjoy the show. 

When entering the event, NFT-TiX’s process is similar to traditional platforms, thus, super simple. The only difference is that the ticket being scanned is an NFT rather than a QR code or barcode. This revolutionary approach to ticketing includes the best of both worlds while offering more security, convenience, and a fair ticketing experience for everyone. 

NFT-TiX also caters to other big-name festivals including Exit Festival.

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