NFT REVIEW NEWS NFL Rivals Take the Charge with Mobile-Friendly NFT Cards

Mythical Games recently empowered its latest addition to the NFL Rivals mobile gaming experience. Branching out from the Mythical Marketplace, the new feature lets players score NFT player cards directly from iOS and Android apps.

Once players reach level 4 or beyond, the ‘Improve My Roster’ option in the game’s menu opens numerous NFT player cards up for grabs. Despite currently lacking an extensive marketplace view, players can now easily view card recommendations for purchase through a reasonably priced new in-game currency.

The venture-backed next-generation game technology company will roll out numerous in-game marketplace integrations throughout the coming months. The wake of this progression follows the wise decision of Google adapting its Android Play Store guidelines, authorizing in-app NFT transactions.

Affordable In-Game NFT Assets

To purchase NFL Rivals NFT cards via mobile apps, gamers must acquire and utilize the game’s new digital currency, ‘Credits’ — unrelated to cryptocurrency. This financial instrument is available in return for fiat through the App Store or Play Store. Prices range from 140 Credits starting at just $1.99 to a colossal 7,000 Credits for $99.99. 

Another gaming application, Stepn, has embraced a similar game plan, offering game tokens for NFT purchases. When a player-owned NFT is listed and acquired in-game, the original collector garners earnings from the MYTH token in line with the game credits used. Mythical’s approach, however, is different from Stepn. NFT pricing stays the same for users, regardless of whether or not the purchase is made through mobile or online platforms. Stepn’s NFTs, purchasable through iOS, notably carry a 30% higher price tag due to Apple’s in-app purchase fees. 

Moreover, NFL Rivals’ in-app NFTs are lower-cost due to being forged on the Mythical Chain, a system in sync with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. However, there are plans to switch to the Polkadot blockchain in the near future. 

As the digital horizons continue expanding, the realm of in-game NFT transactions foretells a vibrant new era for gamers and developers. The aggregation of affordable technological advancements marks a new chapter in the world of mobile gaming assets, drawing up an fresh game plan for the forthcoming 2023 NFL season through mobile-friendly NFL Rivals NFT cards. 

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