NFT REVIEW NEWS NEOBRED Joins the Cutting-Edge Chainlink BUILD Program

Saddle up blockchain gamers, Chainlink has partnered with NEOBRED to help usher in a new breed of horse racing game. Soon, lovers of nail-biting, equestrian-themed digital sports will have a new arena in which to prove their mettle!

Through the amazing new collaboration, NEOBRED will join Chainlink’s cutting-edge BUILD Program. A truly revolutionary mentorship and grant initiative that it has designed to help fledgling Web3 projects to cross the finish line into full production.

As a result of its sturdy platform, BUILD will enable NEOBRED to access its technical expertise and community knowhow. Essentially, providing it with the means to progress its Web3 racing game through the tricky field of development. In addition, to equipping it with Chainlink’s industry leading oracle infrastructure that uses blockchain technology to provide provably random results.

NEOBRED Heads to the Races on Avalanche

NEOBRED is a next generation digital horse racing game running on the Avalanche blockchain. Through its ecosystem, it will task budding racers with breeding, training and racing their mighty NFT steeds in a bid to win a trove of blockchain based prizes.

Now, thanks to its game-changing partnership with Chainlink, the team can push forwards towards its ultimate release, where it intends to charge through the furlongs of Web3. Not only that, but it will also gain access to other important partnerships within the BUILD Program to provide support in areas of gaming, infrastructure, and technology.

“Our team is excited to be accepted into the Chainlink BUILD program,” “This program will give us the resources and support we need to build a successful blockchain horse racing game, and continue to grow and engage our community post launch.” – Yosuke Utsumi – NEOBRED

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BUILD Leads the Way to a Brighter Web3 Future

Coming out of the Chainlink Labs fleet of tools and resources, Chainlink BUILD is a vital Web3 initiative to help new platforms figure out the intricacies of the Blockchain. So far, it has assisted numerous new and existing projects to find their footing and launch within an exciting and often misunderstood industry.

Find out more about Chainlink BUILD >> Here

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