NFT REVIEW NEWS My Pet Hooligan Goes Full Throttle with September Public Launch

Anarchic bunny themed romp, My Pet Hooligan, has taken to September with a slew of incredible updates. All in the space of a few days, the wild and wonderful free-to-play shooter has moved into its public access phase, partnered with Prime Gaming, and become one of the hottest titles on the Epic Games Store!

Much of its success is owed to the keen focus of the team on playability and enjoyment factor, coupled with high quality animated sequences. Essentially, working hard to make the game as fun and engaging as possible, while maintaining the lowest possible entry barrier, i.e. free. As a result of this tactical nous, My Pet Hooligan has planted itself directly in the path of Fortnite, and its massive player base.

Originally arriving on the scene as 8,888 mischievous rabbit themed NFTs, My Pet Hooligan has now evolved into the AAA open world gaming platform it always promised to become. As a result, players can join in the fracas as they employ a wide range of inventive weapons and contraptions as they look to take down each other, as well as the evil overlord MetaZuckBot.

My Pet Hooligan Shores up Success on Epic and Prime Gaming

As a testament to the rise of My Pet Hooligan in the Web3 gaming world, it has secured an important 12 Month partnership with Amazon’s Prime Gaming arm. This effectively means that subscribers to the platform will qualify for additional perks within the game’s ecosystem. The first of which, is available right now, and those of a Prime Gaming persuasion have until October 21 to claim ‘Max’s Outfit’ for use in the My Pet Hooligan universe.

In addition to this excellent partnership, My Pet Hooligan has also formed an alliance with the Web3 friendly Epic Games Store. Therefore, by becoming available through the platform, it has gained access to millions of potential players worldwide. This, coupled with its gamer first philosophy, has resulted in My Pet Hooligan trending on the Epic Games Store as one of its most promising titles!

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