NFT REVIEW NEWS Moonbirds Mythics NFT Collection Begins to Take Flight

On-chain parliament of pixelated owls, Moonbirds, has finally begun unveiling its 20k Mythics NFT collection, but there’s a catch. The project will unveil the entire menagerie of fresh avian NFTs in slow motion, over a period likely exceeding 200 days.

No doubt taking cues from the botched Azuki Elementals drop that similarly deployed 20k new PFP NFTs back in June, Moonbirds has taken a more cautionary approach. As a result, it will distribute the new tokens in piecemeal to better gauge market sentiment, and potentially ride out the current NFT downturn.

Announced way back in August 2022, the Moonbirds Mythics collection has been a year in the making. Effectively, revealing itself to the world in a very different climate to the one in which it was conceived. From July 20, owners of both the Moonbirds and its Moonbirds Oddities partner collection will begin to receive their new NFTs at a rate of 100 per day.

Moonbirds Mythics Selection Remains in the Lap of the Gods

For its latest drop, any nested Moonbirds reaching diamond status (1 year) will qualify for a Mythic egg. These eggs will then remain dormant until randomly selected in the hatching phase of the project, receiving a glowing aura to signify that it is ready to emerge into the world. In addition, those holding a Moonbirds Oddities NFT can also get in on the action, however, claiming a Mythic egg will require them to burn their original NFT first.

From July 20, the Proof Collective, the orchestrator of all 3 collections, has begun to roll out the first Mythics. As a result, it will randomly select 50 Mythic NFTs per day, which will then allow its owner to hatch the egg via the website. In addition, it will also randomly designate a further 50 nominated Oddities and consign them to the fiery pit in return for a Mythic NFT.

Each Mythic egg will come in 1 of 3 types, Stone (20%), Runic (60%), and Legendary (20%). As a result, Legendary holders will have a selection of 3 Mythics to choose from, Runic, 2, and Stone, just 1. Unlike the original Moonbirds, each NFT imbues its holder with full commercial rights, as well as limited access to future releases, installations and experiences, plus full membership to the Lunar Society.

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