NFT REVIEW NEWS ‘Mittaria Readies Launch of Genesis NFT’ Collection

As the icy grip of crypto winter continues to envelop the Web3 world, a new force has emerged to bring a spark of joy to the faithful proponents of the industry. Over the coming weeks, the fabled land of Mittaria will begin to take shape with an all-new website, invigorated Twitter account, and the launch of its meticulously crafted, fine-art, genesis NFT collection.

Within its animation oriented Metaverse, Mittaria will build an all-encompassing hub that will connect creative talents from all over the world. Essentially, establishing a global network of animation artists, screenwriters, researchers, and fans to produce the next-generation of shows and movies that have the power to go toe-to-toe with the industry’s big guns.

Mittaria Genesis NFT Collection to Kickstart an Animation Revolution

Rooted in the ‘Mittaria: The Genesis’ Collection

As Mittaria looks to spread its wings and soar to the heights of Web3, it finds itself on the cusp of launching its long-awaited genesis NFT collection. This will consist of 5,555 unique artistic renditions of Mitra, the enigmatic creator of the Mittara universe.

Each NFT within the collection will debut via the Ethereum blockchain and will flag its owners as an early supporter of the Mittaria project. As a result, they will receive preferential benefits within the cosmic ecosystem, including lifetime membership, NFT airdrops, whitelist status, coin rewards, merch drops, and much more!

Mittaria Genesis NFT Collection to Kickstart an Animation Revolution

An Exclusive IP Deal with a Media Giant

In order to provide a genuine launchpad into the realm of global animation, Mittaria has inked an exclusive deal with entertainment powerhouse, T&B Media Global. Through this ground-breaking accord, Mittaria has secured the intellectual property of its animation division to distribute shows and movies produced through the project.

Building Alongside Thailand’s $300 Million Translucia Metaverse

As South East Asia continues to carve out a name for itself in the Web3 space, Thailand has emerged as a champion of the revolutionary new technology. To emphasize this, it has set aside a mighty war chest of $300 million to build out its all encompassing-Metaverse called Translucia. Essentially, putting together a giant, interoperable virtual world that will incorporate a wide variety of Web3 projects. It is within this framework that Mittaria will eventually integrate its own virtual universe, becoming a cornerstone component of the new digital revolution.

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